• types of poem you can write.
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    Types of Poems that you can write.

    The poem contains a plethora of technical terms that you should apply to make your poem more presentable. You can classify the poem into several types on the basis of technical factors. Some of them are: Haiku- The Haiku (or hokku) is an ancient form of Japanese poem that has become very popular all over the world. “Haikus are known for their small size and consist of just three lines (tercets); the first and third lines each contain five syllables, while the second line contains two.” Generally, Haikus don’t rhyme, and they’re intended to describe a particular mood or experience. Free-verse- A free verse poem is a particular form of…

  • A message from another planet.
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    A Message from Another Planet.

    According to Hindu mythology, “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”. The statement itself is quite debatable and it’s regularly a state of comparison between the two genders. However, if we are not abusing, comparing, and taking advantage of the other planets, it’s difficult to converse. The distance between both Mars and Venus is huge enough to create complexity in the conversed message. Men might say something and women being the Venusian might understand another thing. So, what can a blogger like me do? Well, I can help the Martians communicate with Venusian. Jai Jio, Good communication is always the key to a healthy relationship, be the relation…

  • Couples My Love
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    My ‘Love’ Do you know if you are in love?

    Do you have someone you love till eternity? Do you know if it is true and pure? Many people in our life come and go. A few others stay. We call them love. Love can build relations and can be found in family, friends, and your soulmate. Love is one thing that defines us; that gives us the courage to go on for miles; that takes in our messy appearance and still thinks of us as beautiful people. Forever knowing the love my parents garnered on us; I thought it was the only thing that lasts till eternity. Little did I know, our parents too met as love birds who…

  • Love need for everyone.
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    Love need of everyone.

    I think humans are the only species who always ” sag” that I need Love, but have you ever thought about animals? Ever been close to an animal? Yeah, they scold they are dangerous when they get angry, but why should we make them angry? Can’t We help them with Love ? Yes, We can, no matter what type of animal they are. Yes because the human can express their Love to anyone, anywhere, anytime but what about animals? Yes, they too express but we don’t understand their expression. There are so many examples but just one is enough. I have been watching that there are lots of people who…

  • The ultimate guide to write a poetry.
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    The Ultimate Guide to Write Poetry.

    # Introduction. If you want to start writing poetry there are some basic routes that you have to follow. First, learn “what is a poetry/poem?” In poetry, language is chosen and arranged to express an imaginative awareness of experience or an emotional response. It is some lines that contain thoughts as a context, lines that are making sense and may be written in a rhyming manner. The first poem was written in the 4,000-year-old Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh, the poem on which the story of Noah and the Flood was probably based has been discovered in a British Museum storeroom. After that, the great work of literature by many astonishing writers have discovered…

  • Top 10 best cover photos of female based novels.
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    Top 10 best cover photos of female-based novels.

     Top 10 best cover photos of female-based novels. A cover page for a novel is very important because it represents what the novel has to offer and also keeps the mystery about the novel’s concept. The cover page acts as a poster of a movie outside or it acts as a trailer of a movie that gives a glimpse about the movie. An ideal cover page must contain the relevant information about the novel and properly reflects the idea of the novel at the right pitch, a cover should be attractive and eye-catching to the reader. The following are the 10 best cover pages of novels written by female authors.…

  • How to overcome writer's block..
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    How To Overcome Writer’s Block.

    If you are a writer then you might face the problem that you are running out of words or ideas. It’s not a big thing to worry about, every writer faces this problem and it’s not permanent so sit back, relax and read the tips given below. Ask your Audience- Asking from different people makes this process kind of interesting because different people have different thinking and mindset so they can give you an interesting idea that you might not able to think and sometimes they showcase a regular topic from a different angle which might help you write on a topic from a different point of view. Try Different…

  • Gender Neutral Society-Are we ready for it ?? bitmoji
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    Are we ready for Gender Neutral Society??

    I recently came across a news article that said The Marylebone Cricket Club has changed the terminology of cricket and stated that now batsman will be termed as the batter. They said it’s a step towards gender-neutral cricket. After reading the quoted news I was curious about the term “gender-neutral.” I had a good hour and a half grind over the internet to find about the gender-neutral society and movements around the globe I concluded to finally write this article. Now this is my personal opinion and I do not speak on behalf of anyone, your agreement and disagreement with my thoughts are completely fair, you are free to pin…

  • What is philosophy of Stoicism
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    Stoicism “A way of Life”

    Most of us trust fate and we believe whatever we do is a process of something that is predetermined for us. If you in any case lose all your money, wealth, and earnings far away from your hometown in an unknown city, you surely will curse your fate. However, for Zeno of Cyprus, it became the building block for his lifelong endeavors and achievements.  Around 300 BCE, the once affluent merchant lost everything in a shipwreck in Athens. Having lost everything and nothing more to lose or gain he entered a bookshop. There he read about Socrates and his philosophy, as he was influenced by Socrates, he moved with the…

  • Book Recommendation to Help You Get Out of Reading Slump.
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    Books to Get Out from a Reading Slump.

    I think the biggest thing I’ve learned over time; I have been super into reading for a long. And a number of times I’ve been in and out of a reading slump. I think the biggest and most important lesson I have learned is that I have to let myself just not read sometimes because you just cannot always be doing something you will get tired of it you will get burned out you will get uninterested for a little while and sometimes you have to just take a few steps away and then let yourself come back to it naturally so that’s my number one biggest tip but if…

  • Uriko and Sushi
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    Voyage to Randomness in Love.

    Can any other justification give a conclusive reason for his actions other than love? Uriko Shihuk, a midfielder who is struggling to get into the college team, has left his match in between to drop Sushi Akate, who is getting late for her examination. Why did he leave his only chance to be in the college team just for Sushi? Well, all these questions are something that demands an explanation but does love need rational explanations? Uriko and Sushi first met each other at a birthday party of a mutual friend. Sushi was having an odd time there because she just came across a bad breakup and joined the party…

  • Teen
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    Teens Definition of Life.

    You Are Way Too Young to Worry.  When I was a teen, I felt it was the worst timeline I am stuck in. I used to thrive for freedom, independence morally as well as financially. For me, I was growing rapidly biologically (although I am just 5.4) but had no clue for my future, when most teens were following hobbies, I was a lazy ass wiggling on a couch bingeing Shinchan. My friend circle was no different, however, as per me they were all doing better than me in life. Where 3/4th of my teens went glorious with the 2g internet and playful evenings. I was far away from the…

  • Books foe teens before they turn 20. Lafictioner.
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    5 Books for Teens Before They Turn 20.

    Teenage is a crucial phase of life, we all have been through this stage when the world around us is changing and our body and brain start debating resulting in having no clue of the hell is happening. We demand guidance but the fear of been judged by others stops us from asking for help. Then all of a sudden books enter into the chat. I wish someone could’ve recommended me these books when I was a teenager. Below is the list of 5 books that todays’ teenagers should read. The Rudest Book Ever:  I know, I know, the title of the book is kind of weird but it is…