Book Recommendation to Help You Get Out of Reading Slump.
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Books to Get Out from a Reading Slump.

Book Recommendation to Help You Get Out of Reading Slump.

I think the biggest thing I’ve learned over time; I have been super into reading for a long. And a number of times I’ve been in and out of a reading slump. I think the biggest and most important lesson I have learned is that I have to let myself just not read sometimes because you just cannot always be doing something you will get tired of it you will get burned out you will get uninterested for a little while and sometimes you have to just take a few steps away and then let yourself come back to it naturally so that’s my number one biggest tip but if you’ve done that for some time now and you feel that like an inkling of maybe I kind of want to start reading again but I don’t even know what I want to do I’ve just been in a slump for so long and like I don’t know how to get myself out of it right now. This article is for you.

These recommendations are for you to kind of dip your toe back into reading. If you’ve stepped away from it for a little while. I’ve broken this list up into three different categories and I have two book recommendations in each category so starting with the first category.


1. Magical books. Urban fantasy, a little bit of magical realism.

“The House in The Cerulean Sea” By Tj Cloon.

This is a perfect book to help get you out of a reading slump. It is one of those books that kind of reminds you, why you love to read so much. It’s a perfect heart-warming found family fantasy story and it is so well-rounded, with a well-written compelling, and somewhat plot-driven storyline. It will just leave you feeling so warm and happy. It takes place in a world where people can be born like monsters or magical creatures and we follow around our main character who is basically like a social worker and he’s assigned to go to an orphanage where some children are born as magical creatures. Our follow-up will run alongside the investigation of dangerous creatures and that’s all I think you should know about the book. It’s just such wonderful, it’s something that I think a lot of people will enjoy. It’s a very popular book, many people have read it but I think that if you’re trying to get out of a reading slump this is a really good book to pick up and try out.

The Weight of Feathers by Anna-Marie Mclemore.”

It is one of my favorites whoa contemporaries and I think it’s deeply underrated. It’s a little bit of a Romeo and Juliet reimagining. It follows the story of these two rival families who are both traveling performers, both the families are each other’s competition. The two main characters fall in love and the rest is followed in the story. It is a magical realism book, it is so beautifully written also it’s not very long. I think it’s only about 308 pages.

2.My next category is books about books.

 I always find that reading books about books helps me get out of a reading slump because it reminds me of why I like to read. It just makes me want to read more.

: The first book I have to recommend in this category is

“The Shadow Of The Wind” By Carlos Rezaphon.

I recommended this book countless times because it is one of my all-time favorite books. It’s a historical fiction book set in 1940s, Spain. We follow around our main character who finds this only copy of a book by this author, he later learns that all other books by this author are burned. The story revolves around him trying to find out what happened to the author of the book. This is a book that’s on the longer side it’s a little bit over 500 pages, lengthier but worth the time. When you’re trying to get out of a reading slump you want something that’s going to grab and hold your attention and never let it go, and this book is exactly the one. If you’ve never read books about books, you definitely should start with this book.


“The Starless” By Aaron Morgenstern.

This book changed everything for me I was in the worst reading slump that I’d been in, this book was what finally completely pulled me out of it. Anything about the book will be a spoiler so I would not pen down much about the book, the writing style is very confusing, it is meant to make no sense, if you are ready to be confused and don’t mind it you will enjoy the story. You need to completely get lost in fantasy and magic and the power of storytelling because that’s pretty much what this book is entirely about. The story follows around our main character who is a graduate student. He finds a book in a library that has like parts of his life written in it. He’s fascinated by it and then he wants to find out more.  

3. The next category that I have are books that are written in a unique format.

I feel like this category can double for audiobooks you should listen to. These books both have a very unique format that’s very different from a lot of other books and the audiobooks for them are exceptional.


“Daisy Jones and The Six” By Taylor Jenkins 

I am obsessed with this book because it’s so incredible. It follows the story of this fictional band and their story of how they got together, how they broke up and everything in between their relationships with one another, and a lot more. It’s all told in the format of an interview and thus I highly recommend the audiobook. The audiobook is fun because it has a full cast playing each different character and it’s so immersive to listen to. This is a book that can get you out of a reading slump just because it’s so different. The audiobook will make you fly through it.

Sadie” By Courtney Summers.

This is a book that is essentially told in the form of a podcast and again listen to the audiobook because it essentially just feels like listening to a true-crime podcast. It’s another book I think you should know pretty much nothing about. The story is about a girl named Sadie, who goes missing, and then a radio show trying to uncover her story and figure out what happened to this girl. The book is pretty short, about 300 pages a very easy read. The book is quite darker in terms of the subject matter but easy to get through.

All of the given books are subject to my taste and you might not find one very interesting for you. However, every book is a masterpiece and if you are suffering from a reading slump it might be a list of books you would need.

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