Uriko and Sushi
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Voyage to Randomness in Love.

Can any other justification give a conclusive reason for his actions other than love?
Uriko Shihuk, a midfielder who is struggling to get into the college team, has left his match in between to drop Sushi Akate, who is getting late for her examination.
Why did he leave his only chance to be in the college team just for Sushi?
Well, all these questions are something that demands an explanation but does love need rational explanations?
Uriko and Sushi first met each other at a birthday party of a mutual friend.
Sushi was having an odd time there because she just came across a bad breakup and joined the party for a breather, whereas Uriko was back from a bad practice session. Love is a basic concept of attraction and mutuality. The Meeting of Uriko and Sushi was as random as it could be, but you see their feeling and mutuality brought them together.
To open the doors of love, friendship is the key but in Uriko’s case, it’s just randomness.
Now a lot of you might have questions about how she or he talked.
Uriko and Sushi were sitting on either side of the same couch unaware of each other’s presence; they both were lost in their shady past. And even though it’s the gravity we could say it’s the pull of mutuality they both slid towards the center of the couch.
With no intention, they both felt the touch of each other’s shoulder and that’s how the first eye contact happened between Uriko and Sushi.

Sushi smiled keeping her other face aside and tried to dodge the eyes of Uriko, but one facing the same feeling knew the real face and thus Uriko judged Sushi’s face and felt the need to talk to her for no reason. (Well, that what randomness in love is)

Are you ok? And then correcting himself he fumbled and said…. Amm how da… do you I haven’t seen you here before, what’s your name?Uriko and Sushi“The whole family is cursed since Naruto sealed the nine tails,” said Asuri, dropping a conversation between Uriko and Sushi.
Have you people watched the new episode of Naruto?
None of the two replied Asuri. Uriko was gazing at Sushi’s beautiful curly hair and was constantly processing the next conversation if she replied to him with her name.
Love is random but loving is a planned process and that’s what Uriko was experiencing, even then he had nothing to do with Sushi and had no intention to hook up with her but mere randomness made him drop a conversation.
Asuri understood the atmosphere of awkwardness and took initiative to introduce Sushi and Uriko.
“Hey Sushi, nice to see you here. And Uriko you too.” Said Asuri with a smirk that surely represents greedy outsourcing that wasn’t required but will help Uriko in his voyage of finding the girl’s identity.
Sushi smiled and that was all to reply to Asuri.
Uriko now started losing his interest in Sushi as he didn’t have a single reply yet.
In love, interest is a hypothetical justification to the soul to move ahead but it’s like a mirage if your heart is far behind you will believe the word interest but if your heart is close enough it will shatter the mirage and look for true love.
Sushi went away to wish her mutual friend and leave the party. Whereas Uriko was yet lost in his thoughts.
While he was recreating all the possible happening sitting on the couch rubbing his right thumb with a paper roll he felt something poking him in his left upper thigh. It was a pendant, a gold pendant with a carving of “Sushi”.
As said, mutuality and randomness find every possible gateway to love.
Uriko immediately understood that it’s the girl he tried to talk to, it’s surely hers but he wants to be double sure.
He rushed to Asuri and asked him what the name of that girl was?
Asuri who by now has tried on every girl present in the party has no clue of whom Asuri is questioning about.
Which girl? Asuri asked just to recall.
Uriko explained everything to him and asked him about the girl.
Asuri is one of those jerks who surely have dropped once by every girl’s doorstep just to peek at them. He immediately smiled and with a shady tone he gave her address to Asuri.
And then he with a pure intention to help rushed to Sushi’s doorstep.
When Uriko reached her place, she was finished eating. He was holding her pendant in his left fist, breathless. He saw Sushi wearing a red top and peeking out from her window to the moon moving her soft hands through her curly hair around her ear to make it held by the side of her neck, she looked no less than an angel. In an attempt to escape from the room, Uriko made his way to the door and knocked.
The first encounter of love with a valid fact for introduction is beautiful. Love becomes a true art when it can be made possible by facts, hiding known randomness.
Uriko’s legs were trembling and he was almost out of breath. Sushi opened the door, her face was a question in itself.
Uriko wanted to speak but being running all street down he was now trying to recollect his lost energy and thus concluded the conversation by showing the pendant.
As Sushi saw the pendant she smiled and took it back.
She smiled and moved her hands close to her mouth and split her tongue out and used gestures to say she can’t speak.
Yes, she was dumb.
And the first talking never happened, but as it’s said love needs no facts it’s a pure feeling of the soul to which body plays as a vessel.
Uriko smiled and hugged Sushi,
It’s too bad that I was troubled by your silence, but when I know that silence originates from my thoughts, I must apologize. Sushi, who was still trying to figure out what really happened, did not think much. She rushed back in and rushed back to Uriko, giving him a torn sheet of paper. She gestured to a good night.
Uriko opened the slip and it was her messenger id with a line in it.
“Love is blind, but maybe it can also be dumb.”
He smiled and moved, giving a see you again look to Sushi.
Randomness is a linking key in every love story but in this, it’s fact hiding the randomness to make it a long-lasting love forever story. Uriko and Sushi are connected by randomness in mutuality. A true love.
As He turned the page and just as a casual thing he found it to be a part of his favorite book
“Randomness of love by James Adam.”