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My ‘Love’ Do you know if you are in love?

Couple in love
Couples in love with each other

Do you have someone you love till eternity? Do you know if it is true and pure?

Many people in our life come and go. A few others stay. We call them love. Love can build relations and can be found in family, friends, and your soulmate.

Love is one thing that defines us; that gives us the courage to go on for miles; that takes in our messy appearance and still thinks of us as beautiful people.

Forever knowing the love my parents garnered on us; I thought it was the only thing that lasts till eternity. Little did I know, our parents too met as love birds who started their very own family; away from the people they called love.

I met such a person when I started living independently. We soared through miles as we made our journey from strangers to friends. This was the person that became my best friend, the one who called in when I lay sick; the one with whom I shared a light-hearted banter at times. I secretly wished for the phone calls I so often neglected. I wished to be added as a friend in Snapchat where I would save each pic in the camera roll; the only downside being that it would be obvious.

I somehow feigned ignorance when people would think I had anything akin to friendship with him. It was that, or be the laughing stock of the whole college. So I chose the former.

The downside of this being that even this said person didn’t know. I landed on the last day of my posting. Being the coward that I am, I never confided in the said friend because well, I forever believed in a happily ever after and not a temporary one. While I do believe to make things permanent, I fear that my confidence may be different from the one I see through my rose-tinted glasses 

 We soon parted ways as my postings changed. Our talks became infrequent. Still, a message here and there or a random phone call would take my breath away. I still wished to have the childlike taunting we used to have. 

He was the only person I ever regarded as a true friend after I parted ways with my childhood friends. It was just that, friendship at the best and worst of times. While cheering each other on a bad day, we sailed through this journey called life.

He was the one who helped me go on for miles. My one silver lining in this storm.

I came to know him better with each passing day. I came to know that his favorites were peanut butter sandwiches and cold coffee which could become his staple for months on end. These were my favorites too and snacking on the said items in the hospital canteen became a memorable time for me.

I still wish him all the best for life though we now seldom talk. I still hope he knows that he has a special place in my heart and I am just a phone call away. We may not talk, but he will remain my love; the one who helped me in this storm.

I still wish him to know that love means providing everything we have. I gave it all; even when that all meant a sanitizer at times; when sometimes, everything meant a story dedicated to him, when spending quality time was the only thing affordable for me.

To my love, I will love you to the moon and back. I can’t promise love till eternity, but I’ll forever cherish the bond that we have. I will support you even if that support means staying away at times. And with that being my final word, I bid you goodbye even when goodbyes are hard and make me feel queasy.