Gender Neutral Society-Are we ready for it ?? bitmoji
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Are we ready for Gender Neutral Society??

Gender Neutral Society-Are we ready for it ?? bitmoji

I recently came across a news article that said The Marylebone Cricket Club has changed the terminology of cricket and stated that now batsman will be termed as the batter. They said it’s a step towards gender-neutral cricket. After reading the quoted news I was curious about the term “gender-neutral.” I had a good hour and a half grind over the internet to find about the gender-neutral society and movements around the globe I concluded to finally write this article. Now this is my personal opinion and I do not speak on behalf of anyone, your agreement and disagreement with my thoughts are completely fair, you are free to pin your thoughts in the comment section. 

 I belong to the privileged gender, i.e; male. This makes me quite biased about the facts about gender neutralism, As a brown young adult, I sometimes find myself expecting things in a certain manner, for eg a policeman is always a policeman even if it’s a lady police officer. Then does it mean that we males are the cause of evil? Well, I would say no, not we but surely the one who gave the terminology was evil. Certain jobs are already judged by society to be specific to a gender, and this is one of the causes of gender inequality. For gender neutralism to exist in the social atmosphere the job roles of certain things need to be normalized. Females can be more dominating and bold, males can also be soft and emotionally vigorous. 

We need to understand that a girl riding a powerful bike doesn’t make her hero, a male enjoying housekeeping doesn’t make him less of a man. The issues are at both ends, females wearing a shirt at the workplace makes it sexy and a man wearing the same makes him disciplined. Well, all these social norms are a few among many. 

Stereotype tread has its way on both genders, however since men are privileged in some cases or we could say in many cases, women are addressed more on the stereotypical ladder. 

Now before we move into knowing more about how to address and charge inkalab over the issue, we must know and address the ways of living gender-neutral. 

How can we be gender-neutral?

It is the idea that society should avoid making sexist or gender-based distinctions in policies, language, or other social institutions (such as social structures, gender roles, or gender identity).

I read a quote on google, said that “practice your preach before you teach.” So the young readers who are reading the given article, well firstly I am glad that young people are reading this in the era of short video content booms. Anyways, so before we strick any movement or hashtag on Instagram and Twitter, I will request that we start being more gender-neutral. 

To be gender-neutral you need to practice equal treatment to everyone regardless of their binary gender. Being neutral means no more classification among roles according to the dominance of any gender over the job roles, To practice it practically we need to use terminologies that are gender-neutral, here is a link to a list of the gender-neutral terms. 

Is our society ready for this?

We surely belong to a male dominant society, yet I believe that it’s a matter of a generation or two before the tag of being a male-dominated society would sail off. So we must keep the next agenda ready, being gender-neutral. 

For the time being, we are surely not anywhere close to calling ourselves a society ready for a change in gender neutralism as even the things like books pens toys cars, and other assets come with their gender tags. 

Some of the readers might be thinking why is this even important? We have bigger issues to glance at then why hang around gender neutralism? The problem is, if we even can’t take out the gender dominance from our language then I am quite sure we will not be able to pull the gender equality movement in our concrete society.  

I somewhat agree that there is some difference in both genders and we must make ourselves aware of certain things about both genders and must respect boundaries, but normalizing the gender terms and moving towards looking at people beyond prerequisites of their binary self.

I hope after reading this you’re ready for gender neutral society.

If you are moved by a single paragraph in the article, Thankyou. I keep writing such articles now and then visit my section here.