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Hey, are you a creative writer and love spending time playing with words?

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LaFictioner is the best creative writing place in Lucknow, If you think that you have a talent, then we have a platform for you. 
Writers are always ready with a new draft, so as you are. Publish your writing with us and deliver to the world what you have to offer.
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The true alchemists do not change lead into gold, they change the world into words. – William H. Gase

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Writing is a very diversified art form. From being a story writer to a commercial writer and then to script and news writer. The art form is the same but the skills required in each have its flow. Lafictioner is a community-based online portal. We believe more in words than in the world. We aim to build a community around writers and help them get a good audience base. In the pursuit of our objective, we regularly try to bring new writers on board with the Lafictioner page and give them space to show their writing skills without worrying about the technical aspects of handling a web page. We also keep organizing events for writers associated with Lafictioner. Writing competition is one such event. Every participant has an opportunity to win a Netflix Account, get a participation certificate, and a new audience base for their upcoming blog or books.

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