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  • The youth and romanticism in politics of india
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    The Youth and Romanticism in Politics of India

    Politics has always been a tool for a romantic outlook. It is an easy way to drive our souls toward a common goal. It ignites the desired motions in the minds of the people and brings them to their side of the political divide. The same romantic lens that brings excitement to politics can also bring trauma to the culture and social revolution of society as a whole. When politicians or political parties are worshiped in a manner that they become beyond criticism. This particular case is called the graveyard of reality and progress in general.  Political figures often speak in impressive rhetoric and paint a picture of a world…

  • The Future of Feminism. Lafictioner
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    The Future of Feminism.

    I figure this line ought to end with a question mark, not a full stop. Women’s liberation has been around for quite a while in our nation and all over the planet. It’s actually developing, yet, an enormous mass of individuals battle to figure out the fundamental thought. Feminisms is characterized by Google as “a conviction that ladies ought to have similar privileges and open doors as men”.This straightforward term holds a huge importance in the present society. Women’s liberation has been made complex throughout the long term and is packed with erroneous and right assessments dependent exclusively upon what individuals hear and what they see with practically no specific…

  • Higher the Success, Higher the Stress  Lafictioner
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    Higher the Success, Higher the Stress? 

    In a world full of competition and division, every individual craves success. And after you reach a particular milestone, you do not wish to stop there. Because well, yeh dil maange more. So, every person looks for new milestones and achievements to unlock. But as your success rate increases, your stress also increases.  As much as people crave success, they also desire stress relief. But it is vital to understand the causes or reasons for stress. It might be excessive workload, loss of interest or burnout. And frequently, stress leads to frustration, depression, poor anger management and health adversities. A few common causes of stress you might be able to…

  • Why depression is a trend. Lafictioner
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    Why Depression is a trend?

    Trigger Warning: Depression, suicide If you or someone you know are suffering from depression, please reach out to someone you can trust, like your friends, family or an affectionate person in your life. For further help, you can also reach out to NIMHANS, 080-46110007, Fortis Stress Helpline, 08376804102, or Parivarthan 7676602602. Your mental health matters. W.H.O states that globally 5% of adults suffer from depression. Recently, one of the most discussed mental health topics is depression. Offline and online. Depression is said to be accountable for rising many other emotional and physical problems. Over the past seven days, there were 287.41k tweets of hashtag depression on Twitter alone. So what…

  • All about Feminism. Lafictioner.
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    All About Feminism.

    Feminism To understand Feminism, we first have to unlearn that it came with the Me-Too-Movement movement. No, Feminism did not emerge with the Me-Too Movement. Feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights, opportunities, dignity, and humanity. Feminism is the Equality of social, political, and economic development for men and women. Feminist activism is also an end to sexism, sexual exploitation, and oppression. We live in a patriarchal society with sexist ideologies, i.e., where men hold more power than women and women are inferior to men.  Due to social media, bad feminism has also emerged, resulting in misandry, i.e., hating men, and misogyny, i.e., hating women.…

  • Romanticism in Depth. Lafictioner
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    Romanticism in Depth. 

    What is Romanticism? Romanticism – a word used in various aspects- has evolved to mean different things. The word’s foundation is in leading a movement, mainly in the art and literature world in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was a campaign against the Neoclassicism of the previous centuries.  German poet Friedrich Schlegel who first used the term ‘romantic,’ defined it as ‘literature depicting emotional matter in an imaginative form.’ Victor Hugo described it as ‘liberalism in literature.’  Imagination, freedom, and emotion are the focal points of romanticism. Romanticism included themes of individualism, love, and nature worship in literature. And also the superiority of imagination to reason, devotion to beauty,…

  • Duality of Human Nature. Lafictioner
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    Duality of Human Nature.

    Human nature is a concept that indicates human beings’ natural fundamental characteristics and qualities. It includes how one thinks, acts, and feels. The term describes the essence of humankind or what it means to be human. The concept is often controversial due to the independent theories and arguments.  The Dualism of Human Nature Arguments about human nature date back to Greek philosophy and its influence. Aristotle’s teleology became dominant in medieval times. He claims that human nature exists somehow independently of individuals, causing humans to become what they become. Early modernists, including Jean-Jacques Rousseau, have argued against Aristotle, saying that “we do not know what our nature permits us to…

  • The next big thing in feminism. lafictioner.
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    The Next Big Thing in Feminism.

     I think this line should end with a question mark, not a full stop. Feminism has been around for a long time in our country and around the world. It’s still evolving, and still, a large mass of people struggle to understand the basic idea. Feminism is defined by Google as “a belief that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men”.This simple term holds a significant meaning in today’s society. Feminism has been made complex over the years and is replete with incorrect and right opinions based solely on what people hear and what they see without any context. These opinions are put to the wrong use and are a danger to our society and also to the future of feminism. We must look at the past and the present of feminism before understanding or determining its future. Feminism is often misunderstood in India today. Often, Indians think feminism is a Western concept. If we take a closer look at our history and culture. We discover feminism was born in India centuries ago. In our culture, feminism is deeply ingrained. We celebrate the women’s power in form of nine days of Navratri, even when we see the picture of lord shiva today we find lord Parvati sitting next to him at the same…

  • A message from another planet.
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    A Message from Another Planet.

    According to Hindu mythology, “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”. The statement itself is quite debatable and it’s regularly a state of comparison between the two genders. However, if we are not abusing, comparing, and taking advantage of the other planets, it’s difficult to converse. The distance between both Mars and Venus is huge enough to create complexity in the conversed message. Men might say something and women being the Venusian might understand another thing. So, what can a blogger like me do? Well, I can help the Martians communicate with Venusian. Jai Jio, Good communication is always the key to a healthy relationship, be the relation…

  • Love need for everyone.
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    Love need of everyone.

    I think humans are the only species who always ” sag” that I need Love, but have you ever thought about animals? Ever been close to an animal? Yeah, they scold they are dangerous when they get angry, but why should we make them angry? Can’t We help them with Love ? Yes, We can, no matter what type of animal they are. Yes because the human can express their Love to anyone, anywhere, anytime but what about animals? Yes, they too express but we don’t understand their expression. There are so many examples but just one is enough. I have been watching that there are lots of people who…

  • Gender Neutral Society-Are we ready for it ?? bitmoji
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    Are we ready for Gender Neutral Society??

    I recently came across a news article that said The Marylebone Cricket Club has changed the terminology of cricket and stated that now batsman will be termed as the batter. They said it’s a step towards gender-neutral cricket. After reading the quoted news I was curious about the term “gender-neutral.” I had a good hour and a half grind over the internet to find about the gender-neutral society and movements around the globe I concluded to finally write this article. Now this is my personal opinion and I do not speak on behalf of anyone, your agreement and disagreement with my thoughts are completely fair, you are free to pin…

  • What is philosophy of Stoicism
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    Stoicism “A way of Life”

    Most of us trust fate and we believe whatever we do is a process of something that is predetermined for us. If you in any case lose all your money, wealth, and earnings far away from your hometown in an unknown city, you surely will curse your fate. However, for Zeno of Cyprus, it became the building block for his lifelong endeavors and achievements.  Around 300 BCE, the once affluent merchant lost everything in a shipwreck in Athens. Having lost everything and nothing more to lose or gain he entered a bookshop. There he read about Socrates and his philosophy, as he was influenced by Socrates, he moved with the…

  • Moon
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    Complain To The Moon

       COMPLAIN! I’m grown up now,20 is my age all say me an adult, even Mumma Papa agree, I drive with a certified legal license, My day starts with a cup of coffee, and lately at evenings tea is my chief, I adore my heart by aiding the poor, and help the one who don’t need anything rude, Well, I’m not an actor, nor do I work for any play, I don’t even act for the filmfare but, yet acting works, in case I go parties night late; and, even parody assist if mood weren’t gay; Yes, I’m grown up, really, I’m; But yet I don’t understand why don’t the…