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    “Why Chocodip Chocolate is the Perfect Addition to Your Next Event or Party”

    Chocolate is a treat that has been enjoyed by people for centuries. From chocolate bars to chocolate drinks, we consume it all the time. I remember when I was still discovering different flavors, the very first taste I liked was chocolate. From then until now, at the age of 22, I am still a fan of chocolates. My taste has evolved from milk chocolates to dark chocolates. In my quest to find the perfect chocolates to have at my birthday party, I came across Chocodip. Initially, I was skeptical about how a homemade chocolate brand could taste better than the brands available in the market like Dairy Milk and Cadbury’s.…

  • The youth and romanticism in politics of india
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    The Youth and Romanticism in Politics of India

    Politics has always been a tool for a romantic outlook. It is an easy way to drive our souls toward a common goal. It ignites the desired motions in the minds of the people and brings them to their side of the political divide. The same romantic lens that brings excitement to politics can also bring trauma to the culture and social revolution of society as a whole. When politicians or political parties are worshiped in a manner that they become beyond criticism. This particular case is called the graveyard of reality and progress in general.  Political figures often speak in impressive rhetoric and paint a picture of a world…

  • Blog on why I am not rich
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    Every person who is not part of the 10% population which controls 85% of world wealth at least once in his life would have thought about being rich.  And at current times we can easily find not just one but several guidelines on how to be rich. And this is what differentiates us from the rich ones as we ask ourselves the wrong question. Instead of asking how to be rich, we need to first ask ourselves “Why I am not rich?”.  This brings us to today’s topic “23 REASONS WHY I am NOT RICH?” Maybe a few of them are your reasons. I am not smart enough  One of…

  • Why I like Tony Kakkar
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    Yes, I like Tony Kakkar and his songs. (Surprise.) Come on! Don’t tell me that you have not grooved on the likes of “Coca-Cola” and “Dheeme Dheeme” at some party, birthday, or something. Don’t tell me that you have not vibed on “Oh Humsafar” and “Mile Ho Tum Humko.” Yes, you have. I know that. Now, why am I telling you this, to prove a point? Maybe maybe not. If you dig deep into the history of music, you’ll get to know that nothing, apparently. I mean no one knows who invented or discovered music. No one knows exactly when and how it originated. So, my point here is that…

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    Letters are a Forgotten Tool of Communication.

    Letters Are a Forgotten Tool of Communication. *Dear Readers, thank you for your patience in reading my article and for sacrificing a few minutes of your life that you could have used to do something more productive such as watching political debates on tv or scrolling mindlessly on Instagram to find that perfect “Ptli Kamariya Girl”   However, today after approximately a year of not writing any articles or posting anything on the page. I have finally awakened from my writer’s block hibernation phase and chosen a lovely topic to discuss with you readers on this page. The topic is obvious as the title suggests. We don’t use letters as a…

  • Apps for Reading Novels for Free . Lafictioner
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    Apps for Reading Novels for Free 

    For bookworms, it’s hard to carry their books around, especially when travelling. Thanks to book reading apps, we no longer have to worry about it. But, many of us cannot afford many e-book apps, as they come with limited free books and premium versions. So, we searched the internet for book reading apps, where you can find thousands of free books. Moon+ Reader One book reading app with the most extensive library is Moon+ Reader. The app supports reading free books online and offline with a download option. The app also supports viewing files of EPUB, PDF, DJVU, MOBI, CHM, HTML, TXT and more from your drive or internal storage.…

  • 8 Tips to Improve Interpersonal Skills. Lafictioner
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    8 Tips to Improve Interpersonal Skills.

    Regardless of what industry you work in, everybody utilizes relational abilities each and every day. These gifts underline an individual’s capacity to understand anyone on a deeper level and how well they can team up with others in a work setting. While some might have a more normal talent for it than others, everybody can gain proficiency with these abilities and how to integrate them into their day to day routines. To kick you off, the following are ten methods for dominating relational abilities. 1. Before speaking, think. There a modest bunch of strategies you can use to contemplate your response prior to choosing what to say. Perception of oneself,…

  • Ten Best Photo Editing Apps. Lafictioner
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    Ten Best Photo Editing Apps.

    From wanting to get that insta-worthy picture to doing complex editing for significant projects, photo editing apps help us get the desired result. With a vast number of editing apps and easy access to these apps, today’s youth has taken a keen interest in editing apps. Since the launch of photo editor apps, the competition has become fierce in the editing field. So, we’ve curated a list for the editor in you, with the best photo editing apps for android.  1. Lightroom Photo & Video Editor Adobe’s Lightroom is one of the best photo editing apps for beginners and professionals everywhere. This app can easily change colour, exposure, contrast, and…

  • Most Common Stereotypes about India. Lafictioner
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    Most Common Stereotypes about India.

    If you are residing in a foreign land or have met a foreigner, I am sure you might have heard a few stereotypes about India. From Indian culture, Indian food, Indian language and Indian people, stereotypes surround India from the western perspective. Some of the common stereotypes about India are –  Indians can’t Communicate in English. The western POV always assume Indians are weak at English. But this is not entirely true. A majority of the Indian literate population can communicate in English. Not only that, even the people who couldn’t afford proper education have now improved their language skills, especially in English. Even though few cannot converse fluently, they…

  • Being Cool on Social Media. Lafictioner
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    Being Cool on Social Media

    The notion of being cool on social media is not something unfamiliar to us. Every person assumes that Every post, every reel, every TikTok and every video we see on social media is to look cool. You might also observe that we record only happy events on social media feeds. Adventurous trips, moments with family and funny pranks with friends are all we see on the platforms. But does it mean that they are genuinely as happy as their feeds seem? Does it mean they have found the cure to escape the loneliness or sadness in their lives? Well, people like to think so. And not only that, we are…

  • Top 10 Horror Novels. Lafictioner
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    Top 10 Horror Novels 2022

    Are you someone who fancies an excellent midnight horror novel to feel the thrill of spookiness or just for the sake of it? Then, we’ve got you covered. Here are the ten scariest books of all time; you can read them tonight or on the following nights.  1. The Picture of Dorian Gray  The Picture of Dorian Gray, the most criticized book by Oscar Wilde, is one of the best horror books of all time. Set in Victorian England, the story revolves around Dorian Gray, the ultimate muse of artist Basil Hallward’s paintings. While sitting for his portrait, he listens to the hedonistic opinions of Lord Henry. He begins to…

  • The Other Side of Social Media. Lafictioner
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    The Other Side of Social Media.

    Duality is the condition of having two distinct inverse ideas of something. They are frequently used to depict a numerical hypothesis, a property in material science, or perhaps an individual. To examine the duality of virtual entertainment, first, how about we start by grasping the idea of online entertainment. At the point when you find out about online entertainment, you consider locales like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or WhatsApp. Anything we use to impart, team up, express, and cooperate, yet it accomplishes more than that. Web-based entertainment is a type of transmission which permits clients to make online networks and offer data, thoughts, individual perspectives, and other substance. Thus, as it…

  • Best Five Graphic Design Software. Lafictioner
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    Best Five Graphic Design Software

    A new unique way technology introduced to humankind to share ideas and stories is Graphic Design. A large number of graphic design software programs are available on the market. It makes it hard for us to choose the best suitable graphic design software based on the individual’s needs. It is important to remember that much software is expensive, and the free versions might have limited services. From beginners to professionals, here are five graphic design software to use in 2022. 1. Adobe Illustrator This graphic design software allows users to create a unique logo, icon, artwork, and more. Designers can work both on freehand sketches and vector scale images by…

  • The Future of Feminism. Lafictioner
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    The Future of Feminism.

    I figure this line ought to end with a question mark, not a full stop. Women’s liberation has been around for quite a while in our nation and all over the planet. It’s actually developing, yet, an enormous mass of individuals battle to figure out the fundamental thought. Feminisms is characterized by Google as “a conviction that ladies ought to have similar privileges and open doors as men”.This straightforward term holds a huge importance in the present society. Women’s liberation has been made complex throughout the long term and is packed with erroneous and right assessments dependent exclusively upon what individuals hear and what they see with practically no specific…

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    History of Blogging.

    In some cases we fail to remember that it wasn’t exactly quite a while in the past that “online journals” and “bloggers” were just not a thing. The “historical backdrop of publishing content to a blog” at the end of the day, a somewhat short history. Periodically at This Week in Blogging, we cover the ideal points. We’ll expound on the ascent of Clubhouse, or maybe cover Google Stories. In any case, today, we’re creating some distance from the convenient, and zeroing in on the ageless. Contributing to a blog has a history that we’ll explore today. It was the late extraordinary Terry Pratchett who said, “On the off chance…

  • 10 Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills. Lafictioner
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    10 Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills. 

    Be it beginners or professional writers, and everyone is constantly looking to improve their writing skills. No matter your profession, be it a blog writer, content writer, transcriber, scriptwriter, or author, the more you learn, the better you get. Here are ten classic writing tips to improve your writing skills.  1. Learn basic principles.  There are certain principles when it comes to writing. It is challenging for writers to break these rules and create boundaries while writing. While some of you might question the age-old principles, they always come in handy to improve your writing skills. Always use an active voice. Use simple words and write in a way that…

  • 10 Life Changing Books. Lafictioner
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    10 Life Changing Books  

    Reading a book is more than just a hobby or a task for some people. It’s a journey they take up; through that journey, they laugh, weep, get chills and get annoyed. For some of us, coming across the right book can be life-changing. Occasionally, a book just hits the spot for you. Some of the best books change your thinking, open your horizons, and broaden your vision. Here are some of the best books that will change your life.  Ikigai  Who doesn’t like a life-changing book? One that guides us provides a route map and helps us look deep within ourselves. Ikigai is a book based on scientific studies…

  • Ten Signs that They Like You.  Lafictioner
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    Ten Signs that They Like You.

    Love at first sight in the 21st century is full of cliches. Dating today is different; it is more evolved. Finding love is a screening process. First, you like someone, and hopefully, they want you back. If on the same page, you can root for closeness, specialness or foreverness. There are always signs to look out for, whether infatuation, attraction or a whimsical vibe. If you are straightforward and confess quickly, maybe next time, hold out for a while, look for signs and then go for it. And be aware, these are NOT the signs that they are in love with you.  1. Eye Contact When a friend gives you…