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  • 8 Tips to Improve Interpersonal Skills. Lafictioner
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    8 Tips to Improve Interpersonal Skills.

    Regardless of what industry you work in, everybody utilizes relational abilities each and every day. These gifts underline an individual’s capacity to understand anyone on a deeper level and how well they can team up with others in a work setting. While some might have a more normal talent for it than others, everybody can gain proficiency with these abilities and how to integrate them into their day to day routines. To kick you off, the following are ten methods for dominating relational abilities. 1. Before speaking, think. There a modest bunch of strategies you can use to contemplate your response prior to choosing what to say. Perception of oneself,…

  • Ten Ways to Reduce Stress.  Lafictioner
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    Ten Ways to Reduce Stress

    How do you create a stress-free lifestyle? How do you reduce stress in some regions of your life? How to deal with highly stressful situations? How to cope with stress-induced anxiety and fear? What are a few helpful ways to reduce stress? If these are questions you are often googling answers for,  We have listed out ten ways you can try to reduce stress. Here’s hoping at least one or some of them works for you. 1. Exercise Studies have shown that regular exercise reduces stress significantly in people. Practising yoga or meditation lets you focus on your breath, consciousness and body, creating a stress-free lifestyle. Many lifestyles and health…

  • 10 Best Google Extensions for Productivity. Lafictioner
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    10 Best Google Extensions for Productivity

    Are you a person who uses browsers like google chrome most of the time for your work? For office or personal use, browsers can consume much of your time and energy. Sometimes you might require quick access, change web page appearance, take notes, listen to music, block ads, manage cookies or track your progress. You can do all this using different windows or tabs, but they might get in the way of your work. It is where extensions come in. they make your work easy, running in the background. They are easily accessible, customisable and help you increase productivity. We’ve picked out google chrome extensions for you.  1. Google Translate…

  • Ways to Publish Your Book. Lafictioner
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    Ways to Publish Your Book. 

    Why stop there if you are a writer, have a pretty impressive creative flow, and are confident about your script? Publish your book easily today. 2022 has set new milestones in book publishing. No matter the genre you write, you will always find a way to publish and your place in today’s market. Even though the market is fierce and the competition is brutal, publishing has become easier with the right marketing skills. Let us see what book publishing looks like in 2022! Traditional Publishing One of the oldest methods in book publishing is traditional publishing. The process is quite simple; you write a script, edit it enough times, and…

  • Amazing Tools for Content Writers.
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    Amazing Tools for Content Writers.

    Content writing is a tough job to do on your own. To continue content writing, writers need the right environment and inspiration. It’s challenging to get up to the keyboard every day, but with the appropriate writing tool, it can be productive and enjoyable. When it comes time to edit, you might be grateful that you were able to locate the apps, writing tools, and resources that will help you write excellent copy. Here are a few of our favorites, organized according to their potential applications. So here’s the list of the top writing tools that I use while blogging and content writing- 1. MICROSOFT WORD Microsoft Word is a…

  • Things All Adults should know. Lafictioner
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    Things All Adults should know.

    Growing up is different for everyone, and so is becoming an adult. 18 is a dangerous number and acts as a time bomb for a teenager; as you turn, you are expected to know certain things. And if you don’t, the world can hang you by the neck. So here are the top things you should know if you are an adult. 1. BASIC LAWS As you become an adult, your world will quickly become bigger as you deal with college, internships, parties, and many others. As you will see, your life will be paced up so fast that it’s sometimes hard to know what’s wrong and right. Therefore basic…

  • writer's block-ways to deal with it . Lafictioner.
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    Writer’s Block-Ways to Deal with It.

    A writer’s worst enemy. It is a condition associated with writing, where an author is unable to write a new work or not able to tap into his creative imagination. It doesn’t occur only in story writing; it can also happen in report writing, content writing, script writing or diary writing.  Every Writer faces it, no matter their career path, at least once in their career. Everyone experiences Writer’s block, either beginner or a professional, once in a while. Types of Writer’s block Audience’s reaction – Often, while a writer starts a new work or continues their previous work, they imagine their target audience and their response. It could help…

  • Things Teenagers should do? Lafictioner
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    Things Teenagers Should Do?

    I believe teenage is the most fascinating and important stage of one’s life. Teenage is the time when a person’s life changes in every aspect. A person goes through hormonal, body, and interest changes when one becomes a teenager. A teenager’s decisions going through these years determine his future, will he be healthy, wealthy, or any other possible end he can have. These decisions are based on what attracts teenagers and what they like to do. These create a different mindset for every teenager and help them make priorities and have a rough plan of what they would like to see themselves in the future. People don’t understand the seriousness…

  • How to overcome writer's block..
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    How To Overcome Writer’s Block.

    If you are a writer then you might face the problem that you are running out of words or ideas. It’s not a big thing to worry about, every writer faces this problem and it’s not permanent so sit back, relax and read the tips given below. Ask your Audience- Asking from different people makes this process kind of interesting because different people have different thinking and mindset so they can give you an interesting idea that you might not able to think and sometimes they showcase a regular topic from a different angle which might help you write on a topic from a different point of view. Try Different…

  • Girl writing essay
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    How To Write A Proper Conclusion In An Essay.

    Writing is an art form that demands practice to master. Every piece of writing can be divided into 3 parts, Introduction, Explanation, and conclusion. The perfection in all the 3 parts brings good writing material upfront. Most of us struggle around the conclusion part. We are unable to write a solid conclusion that will make the reader’s thoughts vivid about the concerned topic in the essay. If I have to give a simple yet effective tip on how to write a proper conclusion in an essay, I would state your introduction paragraph in different wording. However, I am quite sure that this tip won’t work for everyone, thus given below…