Love need for everyone.
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Love need of everyone.

I think humans are the only species who always ” sag” that I need Love, but have you ever thought about animals? Ever been close to an animal? Yeah, they scold they are dangerous when they get angry, but why should we make them angry? Can’t We help them with Love ? Yes, We can, no matter what type of animal they are. Yes because the human can express their Love to anyone, anywhere, anytime but what about animals? Yes, they too express but we don’t understand their expression.
There are so many examples but just one is enough.
I have been watching that there are lots of people who just love to pet dogs, they want to train them because they want, but I will tell you about a special one, after meeting whom I understood that Love is the need of everyone.
He was just roaming around here and there, he was new in our colony, I just looked at him and he looked at me, at that moment I didn’t think about anything, I just wanted to hold his neck and to give a lite massage, though I was the person who was always scared of dogs always wanted to stay away from animals, but that moment was just like a life changing moment for me, because I was searching for love desperately but only in humans and I saw that desperation in his eyes, so at that moment I Was hungry like hell, working all the day on my construction site without having lunch, I was going to have some biscuits at about 5pm, but I thought to give him first, I just threw a biscuit to him and he ate it, he came closer to me for more biscuits, there was a female dog who also came to me when she saw me giving biscuits to him.

Love need of everyone. LafictionerLove need for everyone.

I just give it to her too, they both were eating, and when that packet got finished, I saw a bucket full of water and that female dog was going towards the bucket, I thought he must be thirsty after eating that, so I just pointed my finger towards that bucket, I don’t know what happen but at the next moment he was holding her neck in his mouth, she (female dog) was crying, I was scared as hell, but I collected the courage inside me and indicated him to go away from her, and he left her at that moment, I was scared though I wanted to hug him, I knew what he thought at that moment, just to secure me. The moment I moved towards him, laborers around me shouted ” bhaiya he is too dangerous he can bite you, just stay away from him”. Myself, I Was the person who never thought of getting closer to any animal, I just held his neck and started titillating him. ‘he was so calm, enjoying from his heart, everyone around me was looking at us, their eyes were full of surprise, it was like they were scolding by their eyes that “how is it possible”. And that moment was so relaxing for me, I forgot about my hunger, I forgot about my scariest thing, I forgot about my stress. He was in my arms playing like a baby, a full-grown dog became like a baby, a baby who was in search of Love.

And a full-grown boy who was in pain just in search of Love was also becoming like a baby, That was the moment when I got to know that Love is not what only humans need. Love is the thing which we Living things need in this world.