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  • Chocodip's Official Website Screenshot
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    “Why Chocodip Chocolate is the Perfect Addition to Your Next Event or Party”

    Chocolate is a treat that has been enjoyed by people for centuries. From chocolate bars to chocolate drinks, we consume it all the time. I remember when I was still discovering different flavors, the very first taste I liked was chocolate. From then until now, at the age of 22, I am still a fan of chocolates. My taste has evolved from milk chocolates to dark chocolates. In my quest to find the perfect chocolates to have at my birthday party, I came across Chocodip. Initially, I was skeptical about how a homemade chocolate brand could taste better than the brands available in the market like Dairy Milk and Cadbury’s.…

  • Why I like Tony Kakkar
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    Yes, I like Tony Kakkar and his songs. (Surprise.) Come on! Don’t tell me that you have not grooved on the likes of “Coca-Cola” and “Dheeme Dheeme” at some party, birthday, or something. Don’t tell me that you have not vibed on “Oh Humsafar” and “Mile Ho Tum Humko.” Yes, you have. I know that. Now, why am I telling you this, to prove a point? Maybe maybe not. If you dig deep into the history of music, you’ll get to know that nothing, apparently. I mean no one knows who invented or discovered music. No one knows exactly when and how it originated. So, my point here is that…

  • Most Common Stereotypes about India. Lafictioner
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    Most Common Stereotypes about India.

    If you are residing in a foreign land or have met a foreigner, I am sure you might have heard a few stereotypes about India. From Indian culture, Indian food, Indian language and Indian people, stereotypes surround India from the western perspective. Some of the common stereotypes about India are –  Indians can’t Communicate in English. The western POV always assume Indians are weak at English. But this is not entirely true. A majority of the Indian literate population can communicate in English. Not only that, even the people who couldn’t afford proper education have now improved their language skills, especially in English. Even though few cannot converse fluently, they…

  • Being a blogger in 2022. Lafictioner
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    Being a Blogger in 2022

    Blogging comes with its pros and cons. Suppose you have excellent writing skills and can communicate with the audience about your thoughts, opinions and perspectives in an efficient way. In that case, it is the right career choice for you. Bloggers share their knowledge and expertise and create content, services and products for their target audience.  Be warned; it includes a lot of researching and fact-checking, as well as marketing and promotions. Bloggers should maintain updated material and collaborate with marketing teams to promote their content and be unique. Be consistent and become a full-time blogger—a few things to know before you start a blog.  1. Limited Time Creating a…

  • Top 10 Indian Music Videos. Lafictioner
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    Top 10 Indian Music Videos of All Time.

    From reminiscing past love, dealing with heartbreaks, hitting that dance floor with your friends and making a wedding playlist, Indian music has done it all. Let’s look at the top 10 best music videos of all time.  Main Agar Kahoon Main Agar Kahoon from Om Shanti Om showcases the innocence of love Om Kapoor has for Shanti through little things. He plans a whole date idea with a private candlelight dinner, piano and music. Of course, a fake moon is in the background, which depicts his passion. There are also sweet little things through which he shows respect towards her. The best part of the video is Om imagining Om…

  • Top 9 Worst Band Break-Ups. Lafictioner
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    Top 9 Worst Band Break-Ups.

    Music Bands have been the passion and one of the craziest things people have linked with their lives. A crowd of millions comes to their concert, and these bands have literal die-hard fans of them. The bands and their musicians are the heartthrobs of the crowd, especially women. These bands are the heart of every party and the youth’s obsession. But a heart is meant to break, and these bands have broke up as many hearts as they have made.  One Direction  While talking about the best bands of all time, how can one forget ‘One Direction.’  The band was formed in 2010, comprising five members- zayn, Louis, Harry, Nial,…

  • 10 K-Dramas to Watch on Netflix. Lafictioner
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    10 K-Dramas to Watch on Netflix.

    One of the most talked about things on the internet globally is k-dramas the Hallyu wave bought. Korean series gave us character developments with new plot lines, second lead syndrome, heartbreaks, fantasy, period pieces, inspiring stories, workplace, supernatural, rom coms, and horror. You name it! We’re officially in the swoon-worthy, cosy K-drama era. We’re not going to pretend that some people think they’re overrated or hide the fact that they hate k-dramas. Anyways, can we skip to the good part? If you’re one of those people who love watching k-dramas, then this article is for you. Are you a beginner? We’ve got you covered as well. Here’s a list of…

  • 5 Worst Indian Television Shows. Lafictioner
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    5 Worst Indian Television Shows

    Indian television shows are known for their versatility in showing different ethnicities, cultures, places and languages. And are remade into several other languages. The most popular language being of serials is Hindi. Even with cringe, drama and illogical plot lines, few TV series have gained a spot among popular TV shows. The end of popularity doesn’t stop just being a successful and long-running Indian TV series. They also include being famous for being one of the worst Indian television shows. Here’s a curated list of the five worst Indian TV series you should never watch! 1. Pehredaar Piya ki. Undoubtedly and unquestionably, Pehredaar Piya ki tops the list. Starring Bigg…

  • Jaun Elia A Man in love with words. Lafictioner
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    Jaun Elia: A Man in love with words.

    Jaun Elia, the most searched Urdu poet, is famous for his work on love, heartbreak, philosophy, and society views. He is the most celebrated Pakistani poet—a successful man in terms of wealth, fame and family for the outside world. But only Jaun knew that he was lost in his world. His poetry is a bandage on the wounds of many hearts. But they couldn’t act as medicine to heal his deepest scars. Jaun Elia was born in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, on 14 December 1931. He was known to be a natural poet. Jaun migrated to Pakistan in 1957 after the partition of India. It was difficult for Jaun to leave…

  • 6 of the Best Korean-Drama on Netflix. Lafictioner
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    6 of the Best Korean-Drama on Netflix

    Appreciating movies and TV programs in dialects other than English has become progressively normal, with South Korean shows specifically acquiring boundless worldwide consideration. Notwithstanding, pursuing a real time feature committed to Asian shows can feel like a major jump in the event that you’re uncertain about doing the change to captions. Luckily, Netflix presently has a superb determination of K-dramatizations for you to dunk your toe into. It’s an extraordinary choice in the event that you’re keen on investigating South Korean TV, however you aren’t exactly prepared for a Viki or KOKOWA account. 1. Crash Landing On You Follows South Korean beneficiary Yoon Se-ri, who erroneously crosses the line into…

  • Best Psychological Thrillers on Netfilx. Lafictioner
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    Best Psychological Thrillers on Netfilx

    Netflix has a plethora of excellent psychological thrillers, ranging from classics like Zodiac and The Prestige to newcomers like Secret Obsession. Netflix features films for all tastes and genres, including psycho thrillers. These movies will have audiences guessing what might happen next and heighten the tension with each passing scene. These films are usually suspenseful, owing to the unknown aspects and mystery surrounding them. With new twists appearing regularly, Netflix has a wide selection of psycho thrillers for audiences who enjoy breaking things down and figuring out what might happen next. So here are the top 10 best psycho thrillers currently streaming on Netflix. 1. Secret Obsession Russell (Mike Vogel),…

  • Corporate World Expectations vs Reality. Lafictioner
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    Corporate World: Expectations Vs Reality

    Corporate World. Many are familiar with this word but may not know its real meaning and being a part of a corporate world. Corporate or business sectors are part of the economy made up of companies. The corporate sector is a part of the private sector that operates for profit. In contrast, the private sector includes NGOs and other organizations that do not use them for profit. Corporate is usually related to large companies and their work. The word describes the entirety of a corporation, which includes CEOs, directors, companies they run, staff, the revenue they make, and the corporation’s culture. The first thing that comes to mind when you…

  • Evolution of Cinema in the World. Lafictioner
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    Evolution of Cinema in the World

    Cinema is a motion picture that keeps you entertained for some time and helps you escape reality. Cinema became a household name as time went by. It helped some understand and express their emotions freely, whereas it helped others understand how others feel in this world. Cinema is a common medium for us all, bringing issues to light in front of the whole world and giving us meaning and perspective. So, how did cinema happen? Kinetoscope Kinetoscope originates from a Greek word that means movement-watcher. It was the first device developed to show moving pictures. Kennedy Laurie Dickson, a British employee of Thomas Alva Edison, invented the Kinetoscope at the…

  • Evolution of the music industry in India. Lafictioner
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    Evolution of the Music Industry in India

    Music is an essential part of every Indian movie citizen’s life. Be it any genre, devotional, country, folk, classical, hip hop or rock, every Indian movie is familiar and connected with music at some level. So, how did music become a household name in India, and how did it evolve throughout the generations? To know this, we must travel through time. Pre-Vedic era Although there are no recorded music tunes, the presence of musical instruments dates back to the palaeolithic age. Bhimbetka rock shelters in Madhya Pradesh, a UNESCO heritage site, hold several paintings and sculptures of musical instruments such as Gongs, Lyre, and Daf. Sculptures of dancing girls, musical…

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    POWER OF MUSIC Music is an element, if not a crucial part but has been a part of every human’s life. Music is more than just tune, melody, and lyrics; music triggers particular and unique emotions in every human who listens to it. These emotions make a song the music of all time and distinctive from All songs.  I believe music is so pure of creativity that it is divine; it’s a part of nature. Music pierces through a person’s heart and give birth to different emotions in them. One emotion that every man and woman has experienced is heartbreak. The power of music then dealt with these challenging times…

  • Being depressed on Social Media. Lafictioner
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    Being Depressed On Social Media.

    Believe it or not, social media is a root cause of depression today. There is growing proof that social media use and depression are related. In considerable research, it was discovered that teenage and young adult users who spent the most time on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms had a significantly greater rate of reported depression than those who did not (from 13 to 66 percent). These studies point to a correlation rather than a cause. But it’s important to consider how social media might be harming teenagers and young adults. The fact that an increase in depression coincided with an increase in smartphone use is one reason the association…

  • Reasons Why Japan Lives in the Future. Lafictioner
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    Reasons Why Japan Lives in the Future.

    Even after going through such a horrific past like Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings and dealing with so many natural calamities.,Japan still is one of the advanced places in terms of technology.  The reason is that Japan’s youth is unquestionably the source of the country’s technological growth. According to statistics, the performance levels of Japanese students are second in mathematics and first in science among the 34 OECD countries. In Japan, state spending on education accounts for roughly 3.59 percent of G.D.P. Women aged 15 to 19 make up just 0.93 percent of the population. In Japan, students start school at age seven and must complete nine years of compulsory education…

  • The Dark Truth of Reality Shows. Lafictioner
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    The Dark Truth of Reality Shows.

    Have you seen Roadies, Bigg Boss, and KBC? Then you are probably familiar with Indian reality shows. Reality shows are television programs in which ordinary Indian citizens get to participate and entertain the audience with their creativity and talent. The controversy and mystery of reality shows in India are that viewers do not know if the show is scripted or genuine. This general confusion sets the scene for exploring the dark side of Indian reality shows. Teardrops on Cue One of the reasons people do not believe in Indian reality shows is the number of tears shed by judges, participants, and their families. When reality shows in India began in…

  • Best Instagram Pages to Follow in 2022. Lafictioner
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    Best Instagram Pages to Follow in 2022.

    Today in this meta and technological world, people have evolved how they get inspiration. Humans spend more time on Instagram than humans. Instagram is one of the most happening places in the metaverse where people get information, inspiration, and news about everything and anything. People consume this information in the form of content through Instagram pages that they follow. These owners or operators of the pages keep their followers posted with daily content. The content that people on insta customers consume can be subjective to their likes, dislikes, and interests. But today, in the list, we will be taking the general interests of every person; these are the top pages…

  • Bollywood Songs Every 90's Kid Enjoyed. Lafictioner
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    Bollywood Songs Every 90’s Kid Enjoyed.

    Bollywood and music have been in the veins of every Indian that has ever been born in the 90s. Bollywood saw a massive rise among its fans as the industry became as huge as ever. One of the most significant contributors to this was songs. Songs in the ’90s had a different vibe. The era of Mithun Chakraborty disco dancers was just at the end, and Govinda’s a street dancer style. New talent flourished in the acting and music industry of Bollywood that became the heartthrob of men and women, and sometimes songs were considered more important than the plot of the movie. That’s what is the craze in the…