The ultimate guide to write a poetry.
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The Ultimate Guide to Write Poetry.

The ultimate guide to write a poetry.


If you want to start writing poetry there are some basic routes that you have to follow. First, learn “what is a poetry/poem?” In poetry, language is chosen and arranged to express an imaginative awareness of experience or an emotional response. It is some lines that contain thoughts as a context, lines that are making sense and may be written in a rhyming manner.


The first poem was written in the 4,000-year-old Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh, the poem on which the story of Noah and the Flood was probably based has been discovered in a British Museum storeroom. After that, the great work of literature by many astonishing writers have discovered by the world via William Carlos Williams, “The Red Wheelbarrow”, T. S. Eliot, “The Waste Land” etc. 


# Ways to Write.

There are no structured ways to write poetry but you can classify the basic terms or ways to become a poet.

  • First of all, you have to learn how to rhyme a line with each other and learn what is rhyme-scheme, a rhyme-scheme is a structure to rhyme a line and with other ones e.g.,

“Distance Distance go away,

Never come back another day,

The person I love wants to stay,

Distance Distance go away,”

You can see that the words underlined are rhymed unusually, and the way they are rhymed is known as a rhyme scheme.


  • The second thing that you have to do is to pay attention to the sense you are putting in, that the lines are making sense with each other, and conveys the context that you want to showcase. For your content to be relatable to the people or audience, you need to provide some sense in it.


  • The third thing you have to do is to create a balance b/w the rhyming and the word limits of the poetry, it is important to do this because of the readers’ perspective if the reader is busy or in hurry then he/she is not going to read it. The other thing is that the reader might lose interest in the context that you are providing.


  • Fourth thing is that you have to do is to make your poetry more beautiful, you can do this thing by adding more beautiful words according to the situation or requirement. Different words touch different feelings. That’s why it is important to have a good set of vocabulary.



  • The fifth and the last thing is that you can do is to consume the content, by consuming this type of content you can understand the technicalities of a poem. If you want to master anything 1st you have to do is to get familiar with that thing by consuming the content you are making your brain familiar with the poem and reading others’ poetry might help you in many ways and can give the inspiration to write.


Lastly, if you want to start writing good poems, trust me just start writing, don’t think that you have to copy someone else do your own thing and remember 1st step is the hardest one…