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Letters are a Forgotten Tool of Communication.

Letters Are a Forgotten Tool of Communication.

*Dear Readers, thank you for your patience in reading my article and for sacrificing a few minutes of your life that you could have used to do something more productive such as watching political debates on tv or scrolling mindlessly on Instagram to find that perfect “Ptli Kamariya Girl”  

However, today after approximately a year of not writing any articles or posting anything on the page. I have finally awakened from my writer’s block hibernation phase and chosen a lovely topic to discuss with you readers on this page. The topic is obvious as the title suggests.

We don’t use letters as a way to communicate anymore. With technology on the rise, we humans tend to become more and more reliant on technology. We use our phones, laptops, and tablets. It could be as DMs on Instagram, or as emojis on WhatsApp, we all fancied our way of communication. However, the core idea remained the same, to converse the idea to the receiver of the message in an efficient manner. 

With the advancement in technology, we gave up on classic tools. Letters used to take days to reach the other person, today we can do it at the ease of our fingertips. Yet, there is something hidden in those classic tools that still attract my gaze.

Top 6 Significances of Letters in Modern Lifestyle? 

Letters might be irrelevant to daily conversation and the modern need for information. It can not provide such instant information nor it is pocket friendly. However, letters still act as a medium of communication on a broader scale. Here are the top 6 influential significance of letters in modern lifestyle. 

  • A Physical Attachment

Letters are pure emotion spammed over a sheet of paper in a variety of vocabulary one’s artillery could afford. It is sent in a physical form and the receiver receives a tangible form of emotion to carry forward. It is a bundle of thoughts that can be seen touched and felt as well. A Whatsapp message could fall prey to data formatting or lost email but, letters can never be lost to the virtual world. It will stay with the person till its purpose is resolved. 

For individuals, a love letter is a classic form of proving one’s love. It is the letter that has seen heartbreaks and love takes. When you send a Whatsapp message it might have been taken from the internet but love letters are the ones that carry all the emotion and cuddles. 

A physical instrument of marketing and lead generation that is low cost and have a high conversion rate. For businesses, it is the best form of customer retention or lead generation. A letter once received will surely be read. The thank you letter followed by a sales pitch seems more realistic than plagiarised emails that are thrown into the junk mail bin. 

  • Safe and Private. 

Letters are safe and private. No one has to worry about data hacking or identity theft. A letter is written with ink and sealed in an envelope. There is no worry about someone manipulating your data. This is the reason we still use letters in all government offices. It is still the best way to share confidential information.

Where now we usually go through data theft and usually fall prey to leaked chats, letters could be a solution to this. However, we have to make sure that it is delivered to the right hands. 

A personal letter can also be written in codes and shared across borders. You can also share your emotion on paper and it will remain safe and private. TMI; The movie lunchbox is a love story based on small letters and their development on paper. ( this particular idea is inspired by the movie lunchbox)

In a world where data is the new currency, you can keep your data safe on a sheet of paper. Private just for you and the receiver.

  • A thoughtful form of communication 

This is something that I find very fascinating about letters. We communicate through Whatsapp and phone calls, this medium of communication is an instant one. We have to be very spontaneous to answer on these mediums. This gives us less time to reflect on what we write and thus our power to pursue the thoughts of others is very limited. However, when we write a letter we have a respectable amount of time to think about what we write. We can think about it and decide if it is right or wrong. This gives us the chance to write the needful. 

If we are talking in terms of business, we can send letters to our clients and customers to build a better relationships. As well as we have ample amount of time to revert to any query we received via letters. This way as a business we have better customer relationships and retention. 

  • Old School & Classic tool 

This is something very personal to me, for me as an individual, it is a form of classic romance to write letters and send them to my loved ones as a souvenir of our relationship. It gives me a sense of satisfaction that I can express my feelings. A handwritten letter with a beautiful gift can strengthen the bond of love between two people. It is like the old-fashioned days when love was not a matter of technology. There were no tinder or bumble. Love was pure and real. This was the time I should have been born but then it was 2000 that I came into existence. However, my lifestyle is quite classic. So I like to write handwritten letters.   

For one who loves classic things, it is a must-use tool. It gives a sense of completeness and helps improve emotional balance. In a lifestyle full of drama and emotional imbalance letters could be an elixir. 

  • A thoughtful Gift Idea 

Letters are not merely a tool of communication but they can also be used for gifting. And here I would like to add a very beautiful startup, Khat-O-Kitabat. It belongs to Miss Anchal, a teacher by profession and poetess by passion. She is the one who inspired me the most for looking at letters as a tool. She has initiated a business of letter writing. She writes personalized handwritten letters for people and sends them to their loved ones. It brings such joy and excitement to her client’s faces when they read letters from their loved ones. The perfectly packed classic style letter brings an environment with it. The aroma of wax seal and designed paper will bring a smile to the receiver’s face. I have seen people unboxing and uploading stories on Instagram with tears in their eyes and a heartful of love for both Khat-O-Kitabat and the sender. 

You can send a personalized letter, you can either write your letter and let Miss Anchal design it for you or you can ask Anchal to write a fresh letter on your behalf. 

I like a pack of a gift like a pendent or chocolate to be attached to my personalized letter. However, it is my fetish. 

  • A tool to detox; Letter to self. 

Letters are usually a tool of communication but we can also use them for introspection. A regular letter to self can act as a journal for you. Write your thoughts to yourself and after a year or two when you reflect on it, you will realize how your thought process has changed and how you have become a better or worse person than you were a year back. Now, this is a tool for our single readers and if you are a couple then it is a perfect tool for you to bitch about one other and never send those letters. By writing a letter to self-talking about your failure and success, you can rethink and stabilize your mental backbone. 

I hope this article might have been a perfect tool for enlightenment and you think about writing a letter. If it is so, please check the Instagram link below and write a letter to your loved ones via Khat-O-Kitabat. 

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Now I have to take your leave, we will connect soon. If you like to read my perspective on any other topic ping me on Instagram.