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Ten Signs that They Like You.

Love at first sight in the 21st century is full of cliches. Dating today is different; it is more evolved. Finding love is a screening process. First, you like someone, and hopefully, they want you back. If on the same page, you can root for closeness, specialness or foreverness. There are always signs to look out for, whether infatuation, attraction or a whimsical vibe. If you are straightforward and confess quickly, maybe next time, hold out for a while, look for signs and then go for it. And be aware, these are NOT the signs that they are in love with you. 

1. Eye Contact

When a friend gives you eye contact, they only make contact with your eyes, and in between, they break and look away. But when someone who likes you makes eye contact, they are making contact with your eyes and your face. They don’t easily break eye contact. And they lean forward into you while having the conversation. 

2. Touch You

There are two types of people, one who doesn’t mind physical contact, the other who protects and limits their physical space. When someone likes you, they will understand and remember your touch preferences. They might gently touch your arm, lightly tap your head, accidentally brush your hand, or plays with your hair. Remember to notice if someone you like is comfortable with your touch; this will give away if they’re not into you or just how much they’re into you. 

3. Imitate You

They notice how you act when you’re talking or your body language or facial expressions when your mood shifts. And they subconsciously mirror your actions and make fun of you by imitating your various movements.

4. Compliment You

People who like you find little ways to compliment you. And they compliment not only your physical appearance or outfit but also your efforts or actions and applaud you for it. Some compliments might sound a little sarcastic or formal as well; this will tell you the type of person they are. Genuine compliments are a sure sign they’re into you; look out for them. 

5. Act Silly

They play with objects near them. They laugh at your jokes and try to make you laugh through their jokes or actions. They enjoy pulling childish pranks on you while giving you their sweetest smile. They blush around you or fumble a little when talking to you.

6. Pay Attention

They pay attention to the conversation. Their facial expressions match yours. They don’t feel FOMO, use their phone, watch TV, or get distracted easily. In addition, they maintain eye contact with you, and their stance is also towards you. They ask questions and participate quickly in the conversation. They keep in mind your likes and dislikes and remember the important stuff. 

7. Social Media

They follow you on social media or are in your followers. They might stalk you on social media. They will send you memes or posts to check your sense of humour. They will like or reply to your story or click on that link you share on your accounts and DM you. They want or leave subtle comments on your latest post. They actively initiate the conversation virtually. 

8. Texts You

They also try to talk to you in the virtual world. They text you constantly. They text you little stuff like, “how are you?” “what are you doing?” “did you have lunch?” or just a “good morning *insert emoji*”. They ask you if you want to call them. They text you about your interests, movie preferences, and hobbies or talk about their day with you. They try to keep the conversation fun and interesting. Look out for signs like if they are ending the conversation quickly, leaving you on seen or replies lately, these are signs that they are NOT into you. Pro-tip: Don’t double text. 

9. Meet-ups and Follow-ups

They ask you if you want to hang out, go for a walk, or meet for a small snack or a coffee. They try to come up with new reasons to spend time with you. They invite you to parties. They ask you out on a date, and if all goes well, they reach out to you for a follow-up date. They plan the date and ask about your preferences and consider them.

10. Drops Subtle Hints

They drop hints to tell you that they like you. They might take you on a surprise date, present you small gifts, compliment you, tell you what they want, and ask your opinions on things that matter to them or if you are seeing someone. Some might take it a step forward and share their plans for the future and vulnerable side with you. 

So, put yourself out there, keep looking for signs, and someday you might find the one. Cheers!