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23 reasons why i am not rich

Every person who is not part of the 10% population which controls 85% of world wealth at least once in his life would have thought about being rich. 

And at current times we can easily find not just one but several guidelines on how to be rich. And this is what differentiates us from the rich ones as we ask ourselves the wrong question. Instead of asking how to be rich, we need to first ask ourselves “Why I am not rich?”. 

This brings us to today’s topic “23 REASONS WHY I am NOT RICH?” Maybe a few of them are your reasons.

  • I am not smart enough 

One of the things that separate the 10% from the others is that they do not just go behind the hard work but they mainly put their focus on being smart with their work. So we are just not smart enough as them in performing an activity or using the resources to make more money.

We are just not using our brains as much as they are.

  • I do not have an income source

Every person is not born with a silver spoon. Most of us are always living in a deficit so we never have an extra to try to create a new opportunity to earn money or acquire new wealth as we are in covering our expenses and paying the interest.

  • I don’t know how to invest

Unlike the rich ones even if we have saved a little more money we lack the proper knowledge on when, where, and how to invest that money to gain a profit which eventually leads to the wastage of our money and creates a fear to make further investments.

  • I have a lot of expenses

Not just the investments we also lack the knowledge of how to control or minimize our expenses to prevent wastage and create more money to save and invest to multiply it. We just fail to control our extra desires for things that provide us limited satisfaction instead of trying to gain better gratification.

  • Lack of education

It sums up our every lack of knowledge to make more money to become one of the richest. We have not acquired enough or the proper education needed to be able to create more revenue to be called rich. But this education mostly doesn’t come from the schools we need to self-educate us in this field.

  • I am Lazy to work more

It’s always not too complicated. Most of the time we are just lazy compared to the ones up there in that 10%. We just don’t wanna run that extra mile or work for that extra hour, we want to enjoy our Sundays and get that good sleep and watch some tv.

  • I am satisfied with what I have

Not every reason is bad like this one. Sometimes we are just satisfied and happy with what we got, we don’t go for the extra, we don’t need a pool in our backyard or even we don’t need a backyard we just need a home and we are happy.

  • I am not punctual with my work

Time is money. By not giving respect to the time that it deserves we are just moving ourselves away from that life. As we sleep for 5 min more, some just earn millions as they sit on the top of the Forbes list which we read as a daily magazine.

  • I hate to change

Another reason we might give ourselves is how much we hate to change our lifestyle or our surroundings. We like to keep doing what we just love we don’t wanna change for the better as we feel what we have now is good enough. 

  • I am not willing to take a risk

Becoming is not easy enough. We have learned that by now. Taking risks is the biggest factor that differentiates the riches from us as we read about how by taking the biggest risk some biggest businesses are actually existing. We just lack the willingness to take risks. 

  • I am not surrounded by rich people

For thinking rich we need to be with the likes of them. This doesn’t mean we need to leave our current friends or neighbors, we just need to associate ourselves with the ones we wanna become. A fat person can’t really teach you how to exercise if he’s never done it himself.

  • I am a thinker not a doer

Let’s get back to some real deal. We like to imagine but just imagining things or trying to convert the imagination into reality is what makes the difference. The rich ones are the ones who got up to work for that dream or thought they had.  

  • I lack creativity 

“Thinking is just not enough. you need to think of something different, something unique.” the BOSS said to the employee.

  • I hate the rich person mentality

Rich people are arrogant, too proud, too busy, not humble, always busy with some work, and host useless parties. Sometimes we hate one product because we got a falter one. Because we are not capable we need another reason to cover up our failures. 

  • I Don’t like challenges(fear to fail)

Challenges can be hurtful and falling makes them even more. We start to not like those things that might hurt us which is why we avoid challenges that might have given us a bigger opportunity to be more successful.

  • I focused on saving than earning

One of the other major differences between a rich person and a normal person is the point of focus. The normal person focuses on saving more money to have a good future while the rich person focuses on investing to create a good future as well as have a better present.

  • Doesn’t like to explore more

A creative mind demands the person to explore more to create better and vice versa. As we fail to do either we don’t like to explore more which might help us to have a creative mind which is one of the common traits that a rich person has. 

  • Too busy with my current life

The reason we fail to let our minds run wild or go exploring is that we just get a lot busy with our life situations or family dramas etc. We need to separate ourselves for sometimes to really be able to do something better for the things that are just pulling us down.

  • I don’t like my work

One of the most famous traits of rich people is how they actually love what they do which makes them able to do it better and gain a lot from it. While we need to either start loving what we do to perform better or we need to drop everything and do what we love.

  • Busy with family and friends

Loving the moments with family and friends is good but we need to think that we just want memories with them or we need better moments with them to share. Like the vacation in the Maldives or driving the Lambo. 

  • Born with no talent

People really like to degrade themselves. Not everyone is born with a talent. We get a talent to do better in a work which the rich ones understand faster eventually why they get rich. Everyone has a talent. We need to discover it as soon as possible and convert it into a benefit.

  • Falling into a debt trap

Debt is the worst fear of some people because it’s like a swamp that bogs you down for most of your life. Most of the world falls into it and that’s why only 10% are rich. We need to not let our debt become a trap for us instead learn to use it for us.

  • Not being ambitious enough

 We like to think that we truly want to get rich but in reality, we lack the belief of doing so. So we just need to put more faith into it and make ourselves truly work for it to be the person we wanted s to be.