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Apps for Reading Novels for Free 

For bookworms, it’s hard to carry their books around, especially when travelling. Thanks to book reading apps, we no longer have to worry about it. But, many of us cannot afford many e-book apps, as they come with limited free books and premium versions. So, we searched the internet for book reading apps, where you can find thousands of free books.

Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader. Lafictioner,

One book reading app with the most extensive library is Moon+ Reader. The app supports reading free books online and offline with a download option. The app also supports viewing files of EPUB, PDF, DJVU, MOBI, CHM, HTML, TXT and more from your drive or internal storage. You can bookmark and view them later. You can view your recent list, favourites and statistics on the number of books you read and your reading time. You can also add thousands of books to your library on the app. It is one of the smoothest reading apps. 

My Books

My Books. Lafictioner

My Books is a free book reading app with thousands of options. The app also consists of free audiobooks. You can easily add e-books and audiobooks to your library and browse books as per authors and genres. The app includes various categories such as adventure, biographies, fantasy, epi, history, horror, myths & legends and more. Although the app comes with ads, there is a download option to read books offline. 


Aldiko. Lafictioner.

Aldiko is a book reading app consisting of Feedbooks library. You can also add other libraries or import your books to this app. The library efficiently manages and organizes your e-books. The free books come with a download option to read them offline. You can browse through both fiction and non-fiction books in the apps. And also read books from different country’s libraries, such as Canada, France, Italy, Portugal and international libraries. You can manage accounts of the added libraries easily as well. 


Wattpad. Lafictioner

One of the widely used book reading apps is Wattpad. It has writers and books from all over the world. For beginner writers and readers, Wattpad is the most suitable app for reading free books of all genres. Wattpad also comes with a choice of paid books to support its writers. You can easily organize your reading list and your library. You can also follow the authors of the books to get updates constantly. You can add your book to the offline list to read them later. 

Webu – Web novel

Webu – Web novel. Lafcitioner

Webu – The web novel app allows you to add your web novel to the app. It also has a discover option, where you can install extensions. Using them, you can effortlessly search for any book and add it to your library. You can add and organize free books from all around the web easily. This app is suitable for readers looking for a wide range of options from all around the world. You can also customize margin, text size, font and background colour. You can also sign in and synchronize your library to access them on different devices. 


Inkitt. Lafictioner

The book reading app consists of thousands of free books. The user interface for reading is very impressive. You can easily customize the font and size and add free books to your library. You can also add comments and like and review books and chapters. The app has an easily accessible library and helps you organize your reading lists effortlessly. You can also write and publish your books on the app. It has a wide range of genres and sub-genres in the explore section.