Why I like Tony Kakkar
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Yes, I like Tony Kakkar and his songs. (Surprise.)

Come on!

Don’t tell me that you have not grooved on the likes of “Coca-Cola” and “Dheeme Dheeme” at some party, birthday, or something.

Don’t tell me that you have not vibed on “Oh Humsafar” and “Mile Ho Tum Humko.”

Yes, you have. I know that.

Now, why am I telling you this, to prove a point? Maybe maybe not.

If you dig deep into the history of music, you’ll get to know that nothing, apparently. I mean no one knows who invented or discovered music. No one knows exactly when and how it originated. So, my point here is that music belongs to all irrespective of style, gender, age, country blah blah blah….

Then why there is a perception that is differentiating the masses into superior music taste and less superior music taste? If you are listening to some complex Indian classical arrangement like Rag Manj Khammaj or some western piano piece like Nocturne No.2 in E-Flat Major Opus 9 No. 2 then you can’t listen to some commercial groovy one-beat song like Blinding lights or say “Coca-Cola” even if you are enjoying it. People do this shit just to act like an elite, premium class. A status symbol can also be found in music taste these days.

I would beg to differ. Why can’t I listen to both of them one after the other? Why my playlist can’t contain songs like “Chand Baaliyan” and “Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movement) at the same time? Why can’t I have the best of both worlds, music is for all na? 

Yes, you can, BUT……..

There will always be something missing.

Tony Kakar Music Show

Just hear me out. I’m not saying that any form of music/song is superior or inferior. There are only 7+5 surs are there in the world, so there would be repetition in every type of song. I am not of the opinion that “Tony Kakkar is sh*t” and he should be banned or something like that, everyone is free to listen to whatever the sh*t they want, it’s a democratic country (That’s what he said). 

I’m just asking you to ponder about the fact that music/song’s basic purpose is to ease the mind, to calm your head. Songs like “Kaata Laga”, “Abhi To party shuru hui hai”, “Patli Kamariya”, and “every Tony Kakkar/ Tanishk Bagchi song ever” can provide you with that “ease” but only for a shorter, very shorter period of time. But in the long run my friends you’ll need something else. Something that is effortless, something that will exude feel-good, riveting energy. 

A song whose starting notes pick you out of the blue moon and make you stand before the scorching sun. A song whose verse picks you up from that heat and put you in the foggy and glittering cold. A song verse whose chorus picks you up from that cold and puts you in the damp, moist, and enjoyable rain.

 By the way, the above paragraph is inspired by Vivaldi’s four seasons. Consider listening to that if you are trying to fill that void.

All I’m saying is: One should explore music in its true and original form, and how it was meant to be, and create your definition of music and songs. If Tony Kakkar belongs there, then no problem. You are at your risk. JUST KIDDING.

Have fun with your “music taste”, accept it, and embrace it—no need to push for something unnecessary.


P.S. – In case you are wondering, I HATE TONY KAKKAR! From the bottom of my heart.