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10 Life Changing Books  

Reading a book is more than just a hobby or a task for some people. It’s a journey they take up; through that journey, they laugh, weep, get chills and get annoyed. For some of us, coming across the right book can be life-changing. Occasionally, a book just hits the spot for you. Some of the best books change your thinking, open your horizons, and broaden your vision. Here are some of the best books that will change your life. 


Who doesn’t like a life-changing book? One that guides us provides a route map and helps us look deep within ourselves. Ikigai is a book based on scientific studies explaining the secrets of leading a happy and meaningful life. It is honest and straightforward and sets you on your journey. 

The subtle art of not giving a f*ck

Often, in our lives, we come across things which irritate us, make us angry, and bring out the absolute worst in us. It is because we care about society’s perception of us, the opinions of people you’ve never met on social media and the pressure of meeting specific living standards. In the process, we often lose vision of what is most important to us. This book by Mark Manson has a one-on-one conversation about how to let go of things not under your control and guides you on prioritising the things most important to you. 

The monk who sold his Ferrari

This is one of the best books that will change your life. Robin Sharma takes us on an inspirational journey around the life of Julian Mantle. His life turns upside down after a massive cardiac arrest. He then decides to leave everything behind and travels to India on a journey of spiritual awakening and self-discovery. Look through the eyes of Julian on his journey of learning wisdom, the value of relationships, treasuring little moments of joy and more. 

To kill a mockingbird

Harper Lee takes us on a unique quest of defining justice through the eyes of a little girl. Set in a town steeped in prejudice, violence and hypocrisy that cares more about class and race, the story revolves around a black man convicted wrongly. The book, to date, remains a classic for raising the question of what society owes future generations, the present ones and the historically wronged ones. 

Tao te Ching 

It is without a doubt one of the best books that will change your lifeIt is without a doubt one of the best books that will change your life. In a world of good and evil, rights and wrongs, and prejudice and justice, one question everyone asks is how do you live a balanced life? Tao Te Ching interprets it as “The Way of Power” or “The Way of virtue”.Lao Tzu’s teachings of Tao Te Ching are one of the most ancient works of literature, which gives us lessons on humility, morality, virtue, and self-discovery. I advise keeping this book close to your heart, for it can show you the way when times get hard. 

Sapiens a brief history of humankind

Where did it all begin? The word has a deeper meaning than just human, and so does the book. Renowned historian Yuval Harari takes us through the journey of the beginning of the earth inhabited by six different species of humans. The question arises as to why we are only the kind left and what might happen to us in the future. The book dives deeper into the meaning of being a ‘human’ and our evolution throughout times of history. Dive right into the book and find answers to many unanswered ones. 

The Alchemist

The urge we all have to drop everything and go on that adventure is as natural as the imaginary journey in our heads. Paulo Coelho takes on an adventurous journey of chasing our dreams. He teaches the importance of perseverance and humility in overcoming the obstacles in our trip and making it. He promotes the value in the journey than that of the destination. 

The Republic

The republic is one of Plato’s masterworks. He takes through the arguments of the finest philosophers on living an ideal lie. Questions about good, knowledge, wisdom and reality are raised and discussed. Plato describes a perfect city and an ideal living by humans of all classes. One can achieve it by being just in the world, and it is the way to being happy. It is one of the oldest philosophical texts on classes, the ideal world and wisdom. 

The Catcher in the Rye

the book by J. D. Salinger talks about the youth and their struggles in an uneven society. People of all ages who have experienced prejudice in this world can deeply relate to this book. The book revolves around the life of Holden Caulfield, a seventeen-year dropout exiting childhood and entering adulthood. Holden talks to the readers about dealing with societal injustice, love, loss and falling for trying to reach the expectations of being the perfect adult. 

The Death of Ivan Ilyich

Leo Tolstoy tells us the tale of the life of Ivan Ilyich, a carefree, ordinary high-court judge until he is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Tolstoy takes us through the darker parts of life and the deeper meaning of death. Ivan, who has no choice but to deal with death, grieves his life and questions his decisions and actions. The book deals with the true meaning of living a meaningful life more than the suffering and pain death brings. A rollercoaster ride kind of book that will change your life.