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Life of a Vegan: A Journey of Compassion and Wellness.

The people who choose Aloo tikki burger over a chicken burger are the people who lead a compassionate lifestyle. In a world where we find delicious dishes which include mostly non-vegetarian cuisines like tandoori chicken, prawns, fish, crab, red meat, and beef some people still choose simple and healthy food. The beauty which enhances the life of a vegan person lies in the eating habits of that person. A vegan lifestyle promotes maintainable and culturally ethical ways of leading one’s life. There are various aspects of the beauty of a vegan lifestyle which include health benefits, environmental impacts, support for animal welfare and the list is so long.

What is Veganism?

A person before deciding the lifestyle that he/she wants to live should have a deeper understanding of the lifestyle which they are going to lead. A vegan person has a deep understanding of what veganism mainly depicts.

Veganism is a way of living and belief that denies the use of animals for any purpose of life whether it is for food, cloth, or anything. It disagrees with animal exploitation and focuses on minimising the harm caused to animals. There are various principles of Veganism, which one should know before following the path of the vegan lifestyle.

Concern towards animal rights:

Vegans do believe that every living creature should not be treated with cruelty and should be respected. Animals just like humans have to be treated with compassion. Vegans are totally against the notion of exploiting animals for human needs.

Plant-based food:

Vegans wholly focus on consuming only those food items which plants produce. They don’t consume anything which consists of animal food like chicken, beef, eggs, fish, and so on.


Many people opt for the vegan lifestyle to lead a healthy life. Vegan diets are full of nutrients that add up to one’s health. The diets of vegan people consist of all types of nutrients like calcium, protein, iron, and vitamins.

Resource Friendly:

Veganism focuses on the impacts of animal agriculture on the environment. By choosing veganism, vegans choose a more sustainable way of living.

The Compassionate Journey of Veganism.

Choosing the way of living one’s life always depends on an individual’s opinion, choices, and personality. When a person chooses to lead a vegan lifestyle, their reasons may differ. 
Opting for a vegan lifestyle has various key advantages for personal health and well-being.

Increased consumption of nutrients:

Vegetables and fruits are the main sources of nutrients. Both veggies and fruits provide a full pack of nutrients which includes iron, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and calcium. All these nutrients add up to the body and make a person fit and healthy.

Digestive health:

The vegan diet is full of fiber contents which promotes easy and effective digestion and also reduce the chances of digestive problems.

Weight Control:

Vegan food is high in fiber and less in calories, unlike animal products. This contributes to weight management and makes the body fit.

Reduces the risk of diseases:

The vegan diet consists of fruits, vegetables, cereals, and whole grains. All these elements contribute to reducing the risk of suffering from chronic health problems, which a person may suffer from while eating animal products.

Wellness Beyond Plate for Vegans 

A vegan lifestyle offers various health benefits but it is also to ensure that there is proper planning to consume a balanced diet which can provide an advantage to our body and life.
A vegan lifestyle means consuming every plant product like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and pulses. There is a very important role of plant-based nutrition in every individual’s life but not every person has an understanding of plant-based nutrition, so here we will discuss plant-based nutrition and its importance.
Plant-based nutrition emphasises consuming food products that are obtained from plant sources and are minimally processed. The importance of plant-based nutrition is linked with the potential of this food to provide numerous health advantages.

Heart health welfare:

Plant-based nutrition minimises saturated fats and cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, and can improve overall cardiovascular health.

Noble Consideration:

People who emphasise more on animal rights and welfare can easily choose plant-based products, as it provides dietary choices with compassion.

Other advantages of plant-based nutrition may include good digestive health, environmental sustainability, reduced risk of various diseases, and a balanced nutritious diet.

Exploring Vegan Culinary Delights.

Now that we know veganism and plant-based nutrition and both their advantages it’s time to help out our vegan friends with some delightful, tasty, and easy vegan dishes. There are various vegan-friendly dishes.

Vegetable Pulao:

Basmati rice cooked with vegetables, and spices and served with curd, chutney, or salad. A perfect combination of rice with vegetables.


This dish is delicious and healthy as it is a combination of spinach spices and tomato puree.

Chana Masala:

Chickpeas are boiled and then cooked in tomato puree. It is very tasty as well as nutritious.

Masoor Dal:

A simple and wholesome lentil dish made with a blend of spices and curry leaves.

Pani Puri:

One of the most refreshing treats. Crunchy and crispy puris are served with tamarind, and mint water with spiced aloo fillings.

There are thousands of dishes that do not make any vegan’s lifestyle boring. The taste and flavor of all the vegan dishes are complementary to the taste buds.

The connection between veganism and mental well-being.

Veganism is not only linked to the physical well-being of an individual but also to mental well-being. The relationship between veganism and mental well-being is complex and miscellaneous. Veganism and mental well-being are not directly connected but veganism does contribute to improving the mental well-being of an individual. There are various ways in which veganism impacts mental well-being:

Moral values and ethics:

Many people adopt veganism because they focus on animal welfare, they believe that animals also have the right to live with respect and compassion. Living according to their ethics and morals, people find inner peace, which can positively impact their minds.

Delegation and control:

People who follow a vegan lifestyle can make responsive decisions about their dietary choices and habits.

Health Benefits:

Vegan people consume a balanced and nutritious diet which positively impacts their health and a healthy body leads to a sound mind. A healthy dietary plan positively impacts mental health and also prevents problems like depression, and anxiety.

Conscious mind activities:

Veganism motivates people to make active choices about their food decisions and also the impact of the food on their health. Engaging in healthy eating practices can lead to a healthy connection between the mind and the body.

Social support and engagement in the community:

When a vegan person is surrounded by other people who follow veganism, it gives him a sense of social support and motivation. These feelings can positively impact the mind.
The mental well-being of an individual depends upon various factors but the food-eating lifestyle also plays a crucial role.

Veganism is one of the most compassionate ways of living. To stay motivated in leading this kind of life one should know how to stay motivated and have a positive perspective ahead of the journey. There are a few tips to maintain the journey:

Gain knowledge:

Educate yourself regarding veganism, its benefits, and its impacts. Stay informed by reading books, articles, and documentaries regarding veganism.

Connect with the same people:

Surround yourself with people who also follow the vegan lifestyle to connect with them, to know more about this lifestyle, and to know the various reasons why other people choose veganism.

Find new vegan dishes:

Engage yourself in finding various new dishes and new ways of cooking vegan dishes to make your vegan diet more healthy and tasty.

Stay positive:

Focus on the various aspects of veganism which provides positivity to both mind and body. Also, acknowledge the positive impacts of your vegan journey on animal welfare and the environment.

Every person leads a unique life and an individual needs to acknowledge their work. It is important to stay open-minded and enhance positive changes.
The way of living life impacts not only the person but also their surroundings. The lifestyle a person chooses impacts every aspect of their life. A vegan lifestyle has the potential for intense transformation. There are various aspects of the transformative power of a vegan lifestyle which include personal health, mind-body connection, personal growth and empowerment, and ethical consciousness.
Life is very crucial and choosing the way to live your life is way more crucial because it is the only thing that decides what your whole life will exactly look like. Veganism is a lifestyle that offers an individual to live a healthy life both mentally and physically and it also embraces an individual’s journey by giving them ethical satisfaction. The vegan lifestyle encourages compassion for the personal self, animal welfare, and the environment. Choosing a vegan lifestyle depends upon the individual their understanding and the impact of their choices. In conclusion, veganism is a personal choice that reflects one’s values, and beliefs


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