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    Every person who is not part of the 10% population which controls 85% of world wealth at least once in his life would have thought about being rich.  And at current times we can easily find not just one but several guidelines on how to be rich. And this is what differentiates us from the rich ones as we ask ourselves the wrong question. Instead of asking how to be rich, we need to first ask ourselves “Why I am not rich?”.  This brings us to today’s topic “23 REASONS WHY I am NOT RICH?” Maybe a few of them are your reasons. I am not smart enough  One of…

  • The Nightmare forgone- Lafictioner
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    The Nightmare Forgone.

    The beginning of monsoon season with the windy weather, oh my, I never thought it would all become the fault of just slight little words. I thought so but then suddenly I woke up. I was mesmerized by the fact that it is still cold in January and I’m having a precognition of June. Oh my, I think I should write it down in the diary that I had just received, a day or two ago. It was about 03:18 am, so should I write it down or not; mmm, Nah, I should just write in that diary about how I am having dreams about the monsoon when about half…

  • Uriko and Sushi
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    Voyage to Randomness in Love.

    Can any other justification give a conclusive reason for his actions other than love? Uriko Shihuk, a midfielder who is struggling to get into the college team, has left his match in between to drop Sushi Akate, who is getting late for her examination. Why did he leave his only chance to be in the college team just for Sushi? Well, all these questions are something that demands an explanation but does love need rational explanations? Uriko and Sushi first met each other at a birthday party of a mutual friend. Sushi was having an odd time there because she just came across a bad breakup and joined the party…

  • Teen
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    Teens Definition of Life.

    You Are Way Too Young to Worry.  When I was a teen, I felt it was the worst timeline I am stuck in. I used to thrive for freedom, independence morally as well as financially. For me, I was growing rapidly biologically (although I am just 5.4) but had no clue for my future, when most teens were following hobbies, I was a lazy ass wiggling on a couch bingeing Shinchan. My friend circle was no different, however, as per me they were all doing better than me in life. Where 3/4th of my teens went glorious with the 2g internet and playful evenings. I was far away from the…

  • Books foe teens before they turn 20. Lafictioner.
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    5 Books for Teens Before They Turn 20.

    Teenage is a crucial phase of life, we all have been through this stage when the world around us is changing and our body and brain start debating resulting in having no clue of the hell is happening. We demand guidance but the fear of been judged by others stops us from asking for help. Then all of a sudden books enter into the chat. I wish someone could’ve recommended me these books when I was a teenager. Below is the list of 5 books that todays’ teenagers should read. The Rudest Book Ever:  I know, I know, the title of the book is kind of weird but it is…

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    Adelaide’ Diary: Day-Three. The Crystal Ball

    If Adelaide had a Crystal Ball, Adelaide sits at her desk, reflecting on the week’s events. She honestly wishes she had a time machine. She wants to go back to Dec 31, 2020, before life began to suck. Before she said yes to things she shouldn’t have. She honestly needs to learn to say no. Simple as that. No! She has lost all but two friends. All her friends have left her. All because she asked for money. Business has been slow, and she wasn’t getting paid when she should have and needed money. But the situation was out of control, got thrown out of almost every FB group she…

  • girl-using-laptop
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    Adelaide’ Diary: Day Two.

    Sunday Yardwork, It was Sunday morning and she woke up all well and rested. Better than the night before. She had had a long rough week and she was glad it was finally over. All she wanted to do was write and relax today. She gets dressed and heads to the kitchen. But not before seeing a basket of clothes she placed by the door to remind her to do the laundry. She picks up the basket and carries it to the laundry room. She starts the wash and folds the laundry that she left in the dryer the night before. After she’s done, she heads into the kitchen and…

  • Moon
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    Complain To The Moon

       COMPLAIN! I’m grown up now,20 is my age all say me an adult, even Mumma Papa agree, I drive with a certified legal license, My day starts with a cup of coffee, and lately at evenings tea is my chief, I adore my heart by aiding the poor, and help the one who don’t need anything rude, Well, I’m not an actor, nor do I work for any play, I don’t even act for the filmfare but, yet acting works, in case I go parties night late; and, even parody assist if mood weren’t gay; Yes, I’m grown up, really, I’m; But yet I don’t understand why don’t the…

  • Girl reading book.
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    Adelaide’ Diary: Day One

    Sunday, It’s early Sunday morning and she awakens early. It’s raining and thunder so close the window rocks. She listens for a few minutes, and wonders if she should check on the dog. She does and finds the beagle asleep in his dog bed. She smiles, happy that the dog has slept through the storm. She returns to her own bed, but not before visiting the ladies’ room. Hours later, she awakens again. This time, the rain has stopped and the sun begins peeking out. She lays in bed and asks Alexa to play some eighties pop music. She listens for a few minutes, debating whether or not she should…