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Complain To The Moon



MoonI’m grown up now,20 is my age

all say me an adult,

even Mumma Papa agree,

I drive with a certified legal license,

My day starts with a cup of coffee, and

lately at evenings tea is my chief,

I adore my heart by aiding the poor,

and help the one who don’t need anything rude,

Well, I’m not an actor, nor do I work for any play,

I don’t even act for the filmfare but, yet acting works, in case I go parties night late;

and, even parody assist if mood weren’t gay;

Yes, I’m grown up, really, I’m;

But yet I don’t understand why don’t the nature understands this fact;

You see, I tell you;

I have personal mobile phone, and i can set alarm,

but these chirping birds don’t understand this case;

every morning when the sun throws its shine,

the chirping birds just wake me up and force me to tell them Hii!!,

After my meal when I move out for a walk, the stars blink at me, initially I thought, they are trying to make me their paramour,

but, one day!!

The stars with the gloomy sky, told me

 “We are here to make this place for you a MERRY FARE!!”

And, thou see, the MOON;Complain to the Moon

Oh! yeah! that shining stone, it followed me the ways, I went; step after step;

I dreamt, it might give me it’s number, and we would have talks, night late;

but it acted like a balloon;

As if I were a kid wandering in the Merryfair, with an invisible thread tied to my waist;

Well, this is all fine!! but the trees and breeze;

when me and my bae, go for a ride long way,

the trees nod their heads and sing with glee, and the breeze just calmly passes through my hairs;

I assumed if it were trying to impress;

but; their aim was to make me SLEEP;

thinking me a little brain,

You see, how ill they treat, Is thing any way to tease;

Whom do I complain about?

Will the black moustache inspector, who holds a stick, help me out, these false tricks!!!!!

Will he bang the trees?

Will he arrest the breeze?

Will he warn the stupid shining stone?

or; ill-treat with the dawn chirping bird?

NO, guesses for what he is gonna do

but I have filed a complaint, against the one treating me like a BRAT!!!!

~Mustaffa Zaid

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