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Adelaide’ Diary: Day One


It’s early Sunday morning and she awakens early. It’s raining and thunder so close the window rocks. She listens for a few minutes, and wonders if she should check on the dog. She does and finds the beagle asleep in his dog bed. She smiles, happy that the dog has slept through the storm. She returns to her own bed, but not before visiting the ladies’ room. Hours later, she awakens again. This time, the rain has stopped and the sun begins peeking out. She lays in bed and asks Alexa to play some eighties pop music. She listens for a few minutes, debating whether or not she should get up. She had such a bad Saturday, All she really wanted to do was lay in that bed. Nothing bad ever happens there. She listens to the music before finally falling back to sleep again. An hour later, she finally decided to get up and conquer the day.

She walks into the kitchen, pours herself a glass of milk, and opens the Sunday paper. She reads the funnies and the parade and an article about TikTok, before placing it on the counter for her mother to read later on.

A well spent Sunday.

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The house was so quiet, it was deafening. She thinks about what to do next. Should she continue writing her book? Or make a video for TikTok? Or… read a book or watch TV? She decides on Tiktok. She makes six videos, posting two of them on Tiktok, then grabs her laptop and finishes the chapter she is working on the day before and starts on another. She stops and takes a break to eat lunch, a corny dog with ketchup. Afterward, she lays down to rest awhile. Later she goes into her living room and to her surprise finds her older brother up and about. The man had spent the day before mowing and working in the yard.

She opens her laptop again to watch her favorite preacher, Joyce Meyer, on YouTube, give a speech about being bitter. The subject reminds her of an ongoing fight she had with her younger brother. She contemplates whether or not to tell someone about it. She finally decides against it knowing it would start something far worse. She goes into the living room, watches the news, mainly the weather, in hopes of more rain. She is disappointed to learn rain was no longer in the forecast.

Sunday FundayDinner time rolls around and chicken and spaghetti are on the menu. She loves how the two flavors melt in her mouth. Of course, dinner isn’t complete without a little political talk. She gives her older sister a dirty look, wishing and hoping and praying to God Almighty she would shut the hell up. Her older sister’s time is perfect as she tattles. Something she often did. This time it was over food. Dinner is done and dishes get put in the dishwasher. She makes tea for the following day before settling in for the night. She walks back into her room, asks Alexa to play the spice girls as she gets ready for bed. Several interruptions occur before the night goes quiet. She is happy knowing she has made up with her brother. She says nightly prayers before going to sleep.


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