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Adelaide’ Diary: Day Two.

Sunday Yardwork,

It was Sunday morning and she woke up all well and rested. Better than the night before. She had had a long rough week and she was glad it was finally over. All she wanted to do was write and relax today. She gets dressed and heads to the kitchen. But not before seeing a basket of clothes she placed by the door to remind her to do the laundry. She picks up the basket and carries it to the laundry room. She starts the wash and folds the laundry that she left in the dryer the night before.


After she’s done, she heads into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of milk, and reads the Sunday paper. She reads a story about a mansion that was the center of a murder back in the 70s, that was going to be torn down. She shakes her head and wonders why they don’t do that anyway to all houses associated with murder. Afterward, she goes to grab her laptop and turns off any distractions. Today she was planning to do nothing but write. The novel she was writing she had planned on finishing by the end of the month, but now it was going to have to be delayed by one month. As she turns on her laptop, she hears her brother get up.

He comes into the kitchen, ” I’m going outside to do some yard work, ” he tells her.


She rolls her eyes and makes a face. She really wanted to write today. She sighs heavily and turns off the laptop. She and her brother go out and take the leaves into a pile before going back in an hour later for lunch. The weather was hot but too bad. A slight breeze flows through. After lunch, she checks her emails and messages before heading out to finish the yard. It takes all three hours to pick every single leaf. She was sore and knows tomorrow it will be worse.


She goes back in rests and watches a movie before hitting the showers. She lets the warm water hit her body for a good ten minutes. After her shower, she goes into the kitchen and finds her mother there, fixing supper. She asks her if she needs help and tells her to cut a tomato and green pepper. She also cuts some meat up and placed it on the table. She eats two servings of supper and then asks her sister to do the dishes. Her sister groans but does them. She sits at the table, smiling and petting the cat-like she was an evil villain in a movie. Afterward, after the dishes were done, laundry folded, and put away, she writes as much as she could and then heads for bed. She watches one more movie, reads her e-book, and says a prayer before turning out the lights.


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