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    Apps for Reading Novels for Free 

    For bookworms, it’s hard to carry their books around, especially when travelling. Thanks to book reading apps, we no longer have to worry about it. But, many of us cannot afford many e-book apps, as they come with limited free books and premium versions. So, we searched the internet for book reading apps, where you can find thousands of free books. Moon+ Reader One book reading app with the most extensive library is Moon+ Reader. The app supports reading free books online and offline with a download option. The app also supports viewing files of EPUB, PDF, DJVU, MOBI, CHM, HTML, TXT and more from your drive or internal storage.…

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    Ten Best Photo Editing Apps.

    From wanting to get that insta-worthy picture to doing complex editing for significant projects, photo editing apps help us get the desired result. With a vast number of editing apps and easy access to these apps, today’s youth has taken a keen interest in editing apps. Since the launch of photo editor apps, the competition has become fierce in the editing field. So, we’ve curated a list for the editor in you, with the best photo editing apps for android.  1. Lightroom Photo & Video Editor Adobe’s Lightroom is one of the best photo editing apps for beginners and professionals everywhere. This app can easily change colour, exposure, contrast, and…

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    Most Common Stereotypes about India.

    If you are residing in a foreign land or have met a foreigner, I am sure you might have heard a few stereotypes about India. From Indian culture, Indian food, Indian language and Indian people, stereotypes surround India from the western perspective. Some of the common stereotypes about India are –  Indians can’t Communicate in English. The western POV always assume Indians are weak at English. But this is not entirely true. A majority of the Indian literate population can communicate in English. Not only that, even the people who couldn’t afford proper education have now improved their language skills, especially in English. Even though few cannot converse fluently, they…

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    Being Cool on Social Media

    The notion of being cool on social media is not something unfamiliar to us. Every person assumes that Every post, every reel, every TikTok and every video we see on social media is to look cool. You might also observe that we record only happy events on social media feeds. Adventurous trips, moments with family and funny pranks with friends are all we see on the platforms. But does it mean that they are genuinely as happy as their feeds seem? Does it mean they have found the cure to escape the loneliness or sadness in their lives? Well, people like to think so. And not only that, we are…

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    Top 10 Horror Novels 2022

    Are you someone who fancies an excellent midnight horror novel to feel the thrill of spookiness or just for the sake of it? Then, we’ve got you covered. Here are the ten scariest books of all time; you can read them tonight or on the following nights.  1. The Picture of Dorian Gray  The Picture of Dorian Gray, the most criticized book by Oscar Wilde, is one of the best horror books of all time. Set in Victorian England, the story revolves around Dorian Gray, the ultimate muse of artist Basil Hallward’s paintings. While sitting for his portrait, he listens to the hedonistic opinions of Lord Henry. He begins to…

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    Best Five Graphic Design Software

    A new unique way technology introduced to humankind to share ideas and stories is Graphic Design. A large number of graphic design software programs are available on the market. It makes it hard for us to choose the best suitable graphic design software based on the individual’s needs. It is important to remember that much software is expensive, and the free versions might have limited services. From beginners to professionals, here are five graphic design software to use in 2022. 1. Adobe Illustrator This graphic design software allows users to create a unique logo, icon, artwork, and more. Designers can work both on freehand sketches and vector scale images by…

  • 10 Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills. Lafictioner
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    10 Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills. 

    Be it beginners or professional writers, and everyone is constantly looking to improve their writing skills. No matter your profession, be it a blog writer, content writer, transcriber, scriptwriter, or author, the more you learn, the better you get. Here are ten classic writing tips to improve your writing skills.  1. Learn basic principles.  There are certain principles when it comes to writing. It is challenging for writers to break these rules and create boundaries while writing. While some of you might question the age-old principles, they always come in handy to improve your writing skills. Always use an active voice. Use simple words and write in a way that…

  • 10 Life Changing Books. Lafictioner
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    10 Life Changing Books  

    Reading a book is more than just a hobby or a task for some people. It’s a journey they take up; through that journey, they laugh, weep, get chills and get annoyed. For some of us, coming across the right book can be life-changing. Occasionally, a book just hits the spot for you. Some of the best books change your thinking, open your horizons, and broaden your vision. Here are some of the best books that will change your life.  Ikigai  Who doesn’t like a life-changing book? One that guides us provides a route map and helps us look deep within ourselves. Ikigai is a book based on scientific studies…

  • Ten Signs that They Like You.  Lafictioner
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    Ten Signs that They Like You.

    Love at first sight in the 21st century is full of cliches. Dating today is different; it is more evolved. Finding love is a screening process. First, you like someone, and hopefully, they want you back. If on the same page, you can root for closeness, specialness or foreverness. There are always signs to look out for, whether infatuation, attraction or a whimsical vibe. If you are straightforward and confess quickly, maybe next time, hold out for a while, look for signs and then go for it. And be aware, these are NOT the signs that they are in love with you.  1. Eye Contact When a friend gives you…

  • Being a blogger in 2022. Lafictioner
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    Being a Blogger in 2022

    Blogging comes with its pros and cons. Suppose you have excellent writing skills and can communicate with the audience about your thoughts, opinions and perspectives in an efficient way. In that case, it is the right career choice for you. Bloggers share their knowledge and expertise and create content, services and products for their target audience.  Be warned; it includes a lot of researching and fact-checking, as well as marketing and promotions. Bloggers should maintain updated material and collaborate with marketing teams to promote their content and be unique. Be consistent and become a full-time blogger—a few things to know before you start a blog.  1. Limited Time Creating a…

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    Top 10 Pinterest Pages To Follow in 2022

    Pinterest, the aesthetic image-sharing social media platform, is used to share organized space of ideas by users all around the world. Many emerging artists and influencers have found their share on social media. From health and fitness tips, and mouth-watering food recipes to favourite book recommendations, Pinterest has everything for you. Let’s look at the top 10 Pinterest pages you can follow in 2022.  1. Bulbull Thakker Bulbull Thakker is an emerging health and fitness influencer on Pinterest. She posts regular workout routines and shares healthy food recipes and lifestyle ways on her feed. Her videos include workouts on abs, chest and triceps, lower body workouts and more. She also…

  • Ten Ways to Reduce Stress.  Lafictioner
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    Ten Ways to Reduce Stress

    How do you create a stress-free lifestyle? How do you reduce stress in some regions of your life? How to deal with highly stressful situations? How to cope with stress-induced anxiety and fear? What are a few helpful ways to reduce stress? If these are questions you are often googling answers for,  We have listed out ten ways you can try to reduce stress. Here’s hoping at least one or some of them works for you. 1. Exercise Studies have shown that regular exercise reduces stress significantly in people. Practising yoga or meditation lets you focus on your breath, consciousness and body, creating a stress-free lifestyle. Many lifestyles and health…

  • Higher the Success, Higher the Stress  Lafictioner
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    Higher the Success, Higher the Stress? 

    In a world full of competition and division, every individual craves success. And after you reach a particular milestone, you do not wish to stop there. Because well, yeh dil maange more. So, every person looks for new milestones and achievements to unlock. But as your success rate increases, your stress also increases.  As much as people crave success, they also desire stress relief. But it is vital to understand the causes or reasons for stress. It might be excessive workload, loss of interest or burnout. And frequently, stress leads to frustration, depression, poor anger management and health adversities. A few common causes of stress you might be able to…

  • Top 10 Indian Music Videos. Lafictioner
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    Top 10 Indian Music Videos of All Time.

    From reminiscing past love, dealing with heartbreaks, hitting that dance floor with your friends and making a wedding playlist, Indian music has done it all. Let’s look at the top 10 best music videos of all time.  Main Agar Kahoon Main Agar Kahoon from Om Shanti Om showcases the innocence of love Om Kapoor has for Shanti through little things. He plans a whole date idea with a private candlelight dinner, piano and music. Of course, a fake moon is in the background, which depicts his passion. There are also sweet little things through which he shows respect towards her. The best part of the video is Om imagining Om…

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    10 K-Dramas to Watch on Netflix.

    One of the most talked about things on the internet globally is k-dramas the Hallyu wave bought. Korean series gave us character developments with new plot lines, second lead syndrome, heartbreaks, fantasy, period pieces, inspiring stories, workplace, supernatural, rom coms, and horror. You name it! We’re officially in the swoon-worthy, cosy K-drama era. We’re not going to pretend that some people think they’re overrated or hide the fact that they hate k-dramas. Anyways, can we skip to the good part? If you’re one of those people who love watching k-dramas, then this article is for you. Are you a beginner? We’ve got you covered as well. Here’s a list of…

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    10 Best Google Extensions for Productivity

    Are you a person who uses browsers like google chrome most of the time for your work? For office or personal use, browsers can consume much of your time and energy. Sometimes you might require quick access, change web page appearance, take notes, listen to music, block ads, manage cookies or track your progress. You can do all this using different windows or tabs, but they might get in the way of your work. It is where extensions come in. they make your work easy, running in the background. They are easily accessible, customisable and help you increase productivity. We’ve picked out google chrome extensions for you.  1. Google Translate…

  • 5 Worst Indian Television Shows. Lafictioner
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    5 Worst Indian Television Shows

    Indian television shows are known for their versatility in showing different ethnicities, cultures, places and languages. And are remade into several other languages. The most popular language being of serials is Hindi. Even with cringe, drama and illogical plot lines, few TV series have gained a spot among popular TV shows. The end of popularity doesn’t stop just being a successful and long-running Indian TV series. They also include being famous for being one of the worst Indian television shows. Here’s a curated list of the five worst Indian TV series you should never watch! 1. Pehredaar Piya ki. Undoubtedly and unquestionably, Pehredaar Piya ki tops the list. Starring Bigg…

  • Jaun Elia A Man in love with words. Lafictioner
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    Jaun Elia: A Man in love with words.

    Jaun Elia, the most searched Urdu poet, is famous for his work on love, heartbreak, philosophy, and society views. He is the most celebrated Pakistani poet—a successful man in terms of wealth, fame and family for the outside world. But only Jaun knew that he was lost in his world. His poetry is a bandage on the wounds of many hearts. But they couldn’t act as medicine to heal his deepest scars. Jaun Elia was born in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, on 14 December 1931. He was known to be a natural poet. Jaun migrated to Pakistan in 1957 after the partition of India. It was difficult for Jaun to leave…

  • Ways to Publish Your Book. Lafictioner
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    Ways to Publish Your Book. 

    Why stop there if you are a writer, have a pretty impressive creative flow, and are confident about your script? Publish your book easily today. 2022 has set new milestones in book publishing. No matter the genre you write, you will always find a way to publish and your place in today’s market. Even though the market is fierce and the competition is brutal, publishing has become easier with the right marketing skills. Let us see what book publishing looks like in 2022! Traditional Publishing One of the oldest methods in book publishing is traditional publishing. The process is quite simple; you write a script, edit it enough times, and…

  • Why depression is a trend. Lafictioner
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    Why Depression is a trend?

    Trigger Warning: Depression, suicide If you or someone you know are suffering from depression, please reach out to someone you can trust, like your friends, family or an affectionate person in your life. For further help, you can also reach out to NIMHANS, 080-46110007, Fortis Stress Helpline, 08376804102, or Parivarthan 7676602602. Your mental health matters. W.H.O states that globally 5% of adults suffer from depression. Recently, one of the most discussed mental health topics is depression. Offline and online. Depression is said to be accountable for rising many other emotional and physical problems. Over the past seven days, there were 287.41k tweets of hashtag depression on Twitter alone. So what…