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10 Best Google Extensions for Productivity

Are you a person who uses browsers like google chrome most of the time for your work? For office or personal use, browsers can consume much of your time and energy. Sometimes you might require quick access, change web page appearance, take notes, listen to music, block ads, manage cookies or track your progress. You can do all this using different windows or tabs, but they might get in the way of your work. It is where extensions come in. they make your work easy, running in the background. They are easily accessible, customisable and help you increase productivity. We’ve picked out google chrome extensions for you. 

1. Google Translate –

Undoubtedly, one of the best google chrome extensions for translations anytime is Google Translate. The extension lets you quickly translate web page content into the desired language. It also enables you to translate only the words you want to on the go. 

2. Liner –

This is one of the most useful Chrome extensions if you use the browser for extensive research. It is hard to bookmark all the pages necessary for you. Working on multiple projects simultaneously can be confusing. Using the liner extension lets you highlight the lines only required to you instead of saving the whole page. After highlighting, a pencil icon will appear; by clicking that icon, the extension automatically saves the highlighted information and helps you categorise them. Not only that, while watching a YouTube video, you can also save the timestamps of parts of the video.

3. Grammarly –

No matter what website you are writing on while using the browser, Grammarly gives you quick suggestions on the go. You can also start a new document using the extension. By double clicking any word on the page, Grammarly will show you definitions and synonyms of the word. It also corrects spelling automatically and offers writing suggestions—one of the best google chrome extensions for all writers and editors.

4. Google Keep –

Google Keep is one of the most useful Chrome extensions that enables you to take notes and save them on the go. You can save web pages, images, quotes, and ideas. Add labels to your notes as well. You can create checklists and add reminders as well. Google keeps automatically syncs your notes to be easily accessible from other devices. 

5. Zoom Scheduler –

With work-from-home jobs, the demand for zoom has increased hugely. While working, instead of adding to your to-do lists to create a zoom meeting, you can schedule an appointment on the go. You can start an instant session as well. After scheduling a meeting, you will visit the google calendar, where you can add guests and send invites easily. If you use zoom daily, this is one of the most useful Chrome extensions.

6. Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder –

During a meeting, class, or browsing, sometimes we like to capture the information on the screen and save it for future reference. The awesome screenshot and screen recorder save a lot of time by screenshotting or screen recording content on your window as per your instructions and saves them quickly to your pc. Once you install the extension, allow access to the microphone and webcam.

The extension saves the recording or screenshot to your online account. Capture the whole page or selected page—record desktop, tab view or cam only with the extension. You can save them to a folder on your pc, download or edit the video, and share the screenshot or screen recording quickly. You can also easily organise, rename, or delete files in your online account.

7. VPN-free.pro –

“The video is unavailable in your location”. It is perhaps the most annoying thing to listen to when trying to watch a movie or tv show of your favourite. Or you are trying to access an article or website on the internet. One quick fix to this is to use VPN. VPN is a service that enables privacy by establishing a secure network between your pc and the internet. But not all VPNs work your way.

VPN-free.pro is one of the best google chrome extensions for VPN. It enables you to access content by providing different location options like Canada, France, Germany, US, UK, Singapore and Russia. You can also disable VPN when not required, just with a single click. Get your google chrome extension now for happy, stress-free browsing!

8. SEO Minion –

If you are a content creator, publisher, SEO analyst, and marketing manager, this is the best google chrome extension to check your page’s reach. The extension analyses on-page SEO, and HTML, Highlights links, checks valid and broken links, checks tags, provides SERP Preview, and more. It makes your work faster and easier and provides powerful insights.

9. Todoist –

The Todoist extension lets you organise personal, work and education tasks separately. You can add tasks on the go to the required section. You can add a website as a task as well. You can also set goals of completing several goals daily and weekly and track your progress. Vacation mode options enable you to save your streak even if you don’t finish your tasks.

You can easily search for the functions required. You can link your todoist account with other apps such as google calendar. You can also archive projects and add labels to tasks. You can also select different themes, set reminders, review your activity log and print your history. 

10. Forest –

It is easy to get distracted while you are working. Forest app lets you stay focused by providing a timer – one of the best google chrome extensions for productivity. By the timer completes, you will grow a virtual tree based on the duration and complete your task. The extension has a blocklist option that blocks notifications or distractions and lets you focus on your work. Check your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly progress of productive hours. You can also share your trees with friends. It is a useful chrome extension to let you stay motivated and appreciate your progress.