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Top 10 Pinterest Pages To Follow in 2022

Pinterest, the aesthetic image-sharing social media platform, is used to share organized space of ideas by users all around the world. Many emerging artists and influencers have found their share on social media. From health and fitness tips, and mouth-watering food recipes to favourite book recommendations, Pinterest has everything for you. Let’s look at the top 10 Pinterest pages you can follow in 2022. 

1. Bulbull Thakker

Bulbull Thakker is an emerging health and fitness influencer on Pinterest. She posts regular workout routines and shares healthy food recipes and lifestyle ways on her feed. Her videos include workouts on abs, chest and triceps, lower body workouts and more. She also shares weight loss tips on her feed. Check out her saved section for healthy food recipes and more.

2. Mrscookbook

Are you looking for homemade recipes from the Indian kitchen? Then you have reached your destination. Not only does Mrscookbook shares Indian recipes, but it also shares easy recipes for Korean cuisine and desserts. The page also has a recipe mini-series of Easy snacks, mojitos, coffee, and more. They have shared many authentic recipes from Bengali, Awadhi, Korean, Turkish, and Indian. Bonus – They also share wellness tips and décor ideas now and then.

3. Bhakti Achara

Bhakti Achara shares colourful, vibrant home spaces on Pinterest. Every décor idea she shares is unique and full of meaning and Indian origins. From DIY cushions, home décor ideas, floral décor ideas, and candle décor to macrame, she’s got it all. You can take inspiration from her page to remodel your kitchen, living room, bedroom, balcony, bathroom, prayer space and more in your way. Bonus – Her saved corner also has Vaastu tips and lovely indoor plants.

4. Books & Chill

Are you a vivid reader looking for great book recommendations to follow? Then this one’s for you. They’ve got everything from books that make you happy, improve your mood, get you curious, and provoke thoughts to books that can blow your mind. Thrillers, textbooks for college students, readers to learn finance and business, self-development books, and cosy weekend reads are right around the corner on their saved lists. Check out this page to discover some hidden gems you might have missed.

5. Rhea Singh

Rhea Singh is one of the leading self-taught artists on Pinterest. Her work primarily consists of acrylic paintings. Her work consists of landscapes, sunsets, florals and lovely views. She also has art tutorials on her saved lists for beginners. From heartwarming aesthetics to detailed-oriented paintings, she is a pro.

6. Pranvi Bardolia

After all, who doesn’t love themselves some fashion advice? Pranvi Bardolia is a fashion influencer and shares the latest fashion trends, cute outfits, and ootd looks. From summer outfits, and casual outfits, to traditional ones, she styles them all perfectly. Bonus – She also shares a few pose tips in different outfits for insta-worthy pictures.

7. Makeup with Megha Singh

Complete that ootd look with makeup tips from Megha Singh. She shares makeup tips, lip tutorials, different eye makeup looks and contour tutorials. She also recreates foreign countries’ makeup looks and celebrity looks. Check out her page for more makeup hacks, and hair hacks

8. Anika Gandhi

Everyone loves a little home project. Anika Gandhi shares some easy and unique DIY tips. Her page has beginner-level DIY projects, woodwork projects, home décor ideas and painting tips. Her saved page has everything from beginners to advanced-level DIY home projects.

9. Being Yogic

She is a certified yoga instructor with a master’s degree. She shares all kinds of yoga tutorials, from yoga for diabetes, hip strength, stress relief, and thigh fat. She also shares breathing techniques. This page can be beneficial if you are a beginner and looking for some inspiration to begin your journey.

10. AllGudThings

Look at the magnificent journey of Indian places through the eyes of this couple. Kedarnath, Ladakh, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Goa, and Rajasthan are some of the places they visited. Their page also suggests beautiful places to visit, monsoon destinations, stargazing, and safari trips. They share their travel itinerary, do’s and don’ts, and travel guides to places they have visited. They also have places to travel to in Europe, costa Rica, Vietnam, England, Singapore, Canada and more in their saved lists. Do check out their page and select your next travel destination.