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Duality of Audience.

Audiences are a group or a set of people with whom an artist connects. The audience is always present in a public event, television or radio program, music concert, theatre play, film, meeting, or a formal hearing. These people do not have direct participation in any event happening. The audience is observers who note the entire event, enjoy or get entertained by the event.

Keep your audience in mind – 

Be it an artist, organizer, or individual holding an event or a meeting. They always keep in mind that their work reaches their audience. The audience is the people they take feedback from to improve their work and evaluate themselves. The audience often plays a massive part in an artist’s success. But it is not easy to convince a vast set of people. Always keep in mind that every person in the audience is not the same and has the same opinions or comes from the same background. 

Types of an audience – 

  1. Neutral audience – they are keen observers. And do not directly or indirectly invest in an idea. One has to be careful not to offend them and still get them to invest in your vision.
  2. Hostile audience – people who never agree with your idea or philosophy are a hostile audience. “Not everyone will like your work” – these are the ‘everyone’ that does not like your work, no matter how hard you try. They are not precisely critics. But it always helps to consider their feedback. 
  3. Uninformed audience – these are the people unfamiliar with your work and might have come across it just by exploring. One has to be careful and keep in mind that not everyone might know them. And act according when they meet an uninformed audience. Keeping them engaged with crucial points of your work and letting them ask questions helps in increasing your audience. 
  4. Expert audience – they are already experienced in your work and criticize various aspects and elements of your work. It is always good to ask the expert audience about their feedback and treat them like mentors. 
  5. Business audience – these are the less patient audience. It is essential to be polite and concise, maintain accuracy, and make these people curious about your work.

Other audience types include friendly, skeptical, apathetic, binary, and minority. Often people who work in marketing and strategy know their kind of audience and keep analyzing their reach. 

Duality of an audience – 

A target audience with two distinct subgroups requiring different strategies is a dual audience in marketing. For example, for children and parents, males and females, heterosexual and gay, local and international, etc., the dual audience concept ensures that the secondary and primary audiences are engaged simultaneously. The idea of the duality of an audience does not stop with the classification of different opposite subgroups. 

The audience’s duality can be described easily by two questions “what did they come for?” and “what did they leave with?”. These questions help analyse your audience, take feedback, and make improvements. No matter the design and technology you use to create your work, your work’s effect depends on the audience. Hence, knowing your audience is crucial. 

What did your audience come for?

It is essential to know what your audience expects from you. Your fans and followers are the primary audiences. The secondary audience includes spectators, experts, etc. The emphasis on your content can make your primary audience feel like VIPs. It is also essential to keep note of the experiences of your secondary audience equally. Creative audience engagement can turn your secondary ones into primary ones. Hence, it is necessary to note what the audience wants to see in your work, keeping them in mind. 

What did your audience leave with?

No matter how successful the marketing strategies are, online and offline. Sometimes if people can’t connect with your work, they leave with disappointment, frustration or other negative emotions. Hence, it is essential to connect equally with the people who left with a bad experience and those who left with a good experience. The idea, philosophy, or work you have created and presented becomes successful when it reaches a wide range of people. Even though it is difficult for everyone, it is easy to notice if your work has surpassed their expectations.

Role of social media 

Social media plays a crucial role in emphasizing and increasing your audience’s reach in modern times. Social media users can put out the same content you produce as a good one and a bad one at the same time. It is essential to understand why both types of users have shared dual aspects of the same thing and its meaning. Focusing on this can fill up unknown gaps in your work. And improve it. 

Social media marketing has become prominent in connecting with your audience. One always has to remember that followers on social media are a mix. Followers might contain all types of the audience mentioned above. While marketing your content, you have to make sure that it reaches all kinds of audiences. Social media makes it easier to identify your audience by looking at the types of followers of your content. 

Understanding the duality of the audience better 

It is essential to know that as there are two sides to a coin, your audience consists of contrasting people and people with opposing sides. This duality of an audience, when better understood, will help you maintain consistency in reaching different people from different cultures, ethnicities, genders, races, and religions better. Having duality in your audience is a positive sign as it shows the growth in your content and reaches a broader set of people all around the globe.

The individual in the audience is a normal human being, If we are saying that the audience has two faces, it is because of human nature. Check out the reason behind this.