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Music is an element, if not a crucial part but has been a part of every human’s life. Music is more than just tune, melody, and lyrics; music triggers particular and unique emotions in every human who listens to it. These emotions make a song the music of all time and distinctive from All songs. 

I believe music is so pure of creativity that it is divine; it’s a part of nature. Music pierces through a person’s heart and give birth to different emotions in them.

One emotion that every man and woman has experienced is heartbreak. The power of music then dealt with these challenging times in every teen and adult.

So here are the top 10 Depressing songs to ease your pain while loneliness eats your brain, 

1. The Eternal By Joy Division

This song does a fantastic job of capturing the anxiety and the burden of melancholy and depression, and this made eternal one of the best Depressing songs. From beginning to end, “The Eternal” features panning ethereal synths, sound effects, and dragging percussion and vocals. The sound choice for the track’s production is perfect for reflection and has a distinctive structure. In some places, the song’s alternating dynamics of calm and frenzied create sensations of fear and dread that symbolizes its Depressing music.

2. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – ‘Tha Crossroads.’

One must think of “Tha Crossroads” whenever an artist goes away. One of the saddest hip-hop tracks is Bone Thugs-N-tribute Harmony to the recently deceased Eazy-E of NWA. Who also served as the group’s mentor. It’s depressing that Blazin’ Squad covered it but in a completely different way.

3. Kettering By The Antlers

“Kettering” is a lovely soundscape that effectively conveys emotion. It has airy vocals strewn about and relaxing production value, making it the music of all time. This song from their album Hospice will endure the test of time and soon became a fan favorite.

The song is primarily peaceful, enabling you to lose yourself in your thoughts. However, it catches you off guard with a furious build-up that, in a way, shocks the system. The song’s melodies carry exceptionally effectively and hold the ear’s interest despite the lack of heavy percussion.

4 . Peter Gabriel – ‘Mercy Street’

Perhaps not widely recognized as an excellent Depressing song, confessional poet Anne Sexton served as one of Peter Gabriel’s most significant sources of lyrical inspiration. Gabriel addresses Sexton’s emotional problems and eventual suicide in this gorgeously crafted song from “So” with his customary empathy. But you don’t fully grasp how horrible the whole thing is until you’ve given it a few listens, and it will surely come up in your list of best Depressing music of all time.

5. Disintegration By The Cure

Depressing songs like “Disintegration,” which give opposing feelings, are favorites of mine. Although the drumming in this song is mainly pop-inspired and has some vitality, the lyrics and melody selections tend to depress the mood more.

Based on the lyrics, I believe this to be one of the most Depressing songs, and the voices do a superb job of conveying suffering. There are numerous ways to communicate depression, and I believe this album by The Cure has a distinctive perspective. 

6. Frank Ocean – ‘Swim Good.’

Many spods have tried to figure out what happens at the song’s end in response to this tune. Will he live? Does he make a nice little splash about getting wet and seeing the newest Avengers movie? Um, no. After experiencing too many heartbreaks, our hero drives into the water to escape the unavoidable—himself. We don’t believe he rises again. The sad story and unforgettable tunes made it the music of all time.

7. How To Disappear Completely By Radiohead

This album is a fantastic illustration of how versatile Radiohead’s music is. The slow, winding synth pads and steady beat of the Depressing song will quickly make you cry.

The lyrical material captures the sentiments that people sometimes experience when they feel invisible or like they wish to vanish. One of their best Depressing songs, “How to Disappear Completely,” is full of dynamic passion.

8. Bruce Springsteen – ‘The River

AVOID LISTENING TO THIS SONG IF YOU’RE IN YOUR MID-20S! Springsteen presents a vivid picture of a waking nightmare that makes you believe you are the one living there. Thanks to his superb narration of dreams passing away. Of course, “The River” is the most excellent musical metaphor ever with the best music of all time. 

9. Nutshell By Alice In Chains

Many people may relate to this Depressing song, and Alice In Chains has always been excellent at presenting stories. It’s a great song to put on while you lose track of time while staring at the ceiling with your headphones.

Along with the acoustic melody, their production style is represented by echoed and ethereal guitar solos. Overall, the band did a fantastic job simulating the despair and depression many people experience, making it one of the best Depressing songs of all time.

10. True Love Waits By Radiohead

“True Love Waits,” another classic from Radiohead, is loaded with feeling and allows each note to soak in. My favorite part of the song is the main guitar melody’s effects, which ripple and pan with the ideal amount of reverb, delay, and panning.

Numerous underlying melodies fall subtly over the rest of the song behind the distinct voices and consistent guitar picking. The words are pretty repetitive for the most part, but the record’s production quality does a great job of filling in the blanks.