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How to be a Blogger?


A person in his daily life comes across a blog one or two times. A blog combines “web” and “log” in simple terms. A blog is a type of personal diary posted online. Different types of blogs convey and cover a different topics. What started years ago as a hobby has become a profession in today’s world. People are earning six figures by blogging every day by posting new kinds of content every once in a while.


Blogging refers to writing, updating, and posting self-written blogs on websites. Blogging sparked a professional opportunity for writers such as content writers, article writers, and diary writers. The technology gave Bloggers’ content the reach they always wanted with improvised styles and unlimited access to an audience. 


The reason for a person to engage in an activity such as blogging can be numerous. People today are blogging via Instagram stories, WordPress, and being content writers and article writers. In the era of social media, people love to be an influence on the audience and the gen z; therefore, many people are engaging in blogging to inspire and influence people with their writing and experiences. At the same time, many Bloggers write for their satisfaction and to help people somehow. People believe blogging is an effective way to upgrade your writing ability as you have to read and write more than ever. A large chunk of the masses writes to get ahead in their professional life by learning new skills by being a Blogger. 

Many orthodox content writers and article writers took a job as a Blogger to gain the knowledge about how to start designing for the WordPress, learn how to use SEOs effectively in an online article or a blog, and use these skills to master the skill of email and social, media marketing. In addition, people also like to work for a blogging company as it’s not only about the topics they write. It’s also the knowledge they gain about a specific topic they are writing about. These engagements while blogging result in people starting to earn from their blogs, which is their ultimate goal. 


Starting a blog might look challenging, but it’s the tricky part of the process you have to pass to get started and ultimately achieve your goals. There can be some easy steps or guidelines that you can follow to make this journey easy.

  • Pick a blog name

The first step is that every Blogger has to choose their blog name uniquely and with a very cautious mind, as the name will be the face of the blog. The blog’s name should be directly related or should reflect your content in the blog. You can pick your blog name by keeping these things in mind

  1. targeting what kind of audience you will be having.
  2. What will your tone and writing style be like?
  3. What will your blog be about?
  • Get your blog online.
  • The next and foremost important step is to get your blog online. Because if your bog doesn’t get hit on, it will be just a piece of writing with a single audience, that is you. The best app for Bloggers to write blogs and upload their content are article is WordPress. The majority of well-known Bloggers use WordPress as their medium for uploading their blogs. WordPress offers thousands of free themes. Creating your unique website can not be accessible on WordPress. Customization options are built into the most popular WordPress themes, giving you complete control over your website’s design. In addition, WordPress is search engine friendly. It is easy to create SEO-friendly URLs, categories, and tags for your posts. You can also add SEO plugins for additional optimization.
  • Customize your blog

For a Blogger, it is essential to keep customizing his bloc as a content writer, an article writer, and a designer so that the Blogger’s audience is attracted and interested in the blogs. The content customization can be done by reading information and getting yourself skilled as a content writer by reading information from other blogs and articles from other article writers. Where to make your blog more attractive and presentable, WordPress has provision for it.

A Blogger can do these customizations with the following steps-

  • Choose a deliberate typographic style for your font.
  • Adding images related to topics.
  • Hiring a professional designer.
  • Giving links and making effective content as much as possible.
  • write a new blog post & publish it

Now that your blog is up. It’s time to do blogging. In my opinion, you should keep at least ten blogs as a Blogger in hand and ready that you will be posting so that you don’t have to feel the pressure when you start.

As your blog is not that well-known and famous, you have to be precise and careful as a content writer. Your content should be free of any plagiarism, and your content should be crisp and clear. 

  • Promote your blog

The last step to being a Blogger is promoting your blog and gathering as many readers as possible. The promotion of the blogs can be done by making your blog filled with SEOs s that the search engine will rank your blog above the others. The other way is to promote it through various social media platforms by yourself and your friends. So that family and friends are well known about your blogs, and they can spread the word effectively and efficiently.
And that’s all the information one needs to know to be a Blogger.

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