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7 Things That Ruins Female Novel Character.

While writing any novel these are the things that you should not do with your female characters.

  1. Dull Character Sketch: In a novel the female character is used as per the scenes or plots requirement, so the basic problem with the these are that they do not have any depth in them and because of these they have a very dull character which is not that much interesting.
  1. Stereotype: Every female novel character had faced this once, the stereotypical theme that some writers give to their female characters. Being a writer does not mean that the person is very intellectual, most of the novels contains these types of thing like, the female character is very cheerful, she is always happy, she is a girl so she is supposed to do dumb things, etc. These stereotypical things should be avoided.
  1. Physical Appearance: In every novel the female character is represented only by her physical appearance, I mean why? I know it is necessary to describe every character but most of the time a female character’s sketch is mainly described by her physical appearance, she is a human so it proves that she also possesses some psychological qualities too but those qualities I think are not important that’s why there are not explained that well, right?
  1. Used as a Prop: In most of the novels female characters are used as a prop mainly. In other words, that they are used by the writers just to improve the scene or enhance the scene according to the requirement of the story. Sometimes the whole story is centered around them or sometimes they are just a catalyst. Why we can’t use them as they actually are, Just as all characters in the novel.
  1. Bold and Dark or Never be bold: If the female character is bold then her theme is always going to be dark, I mean why the hell necessary to make a bold female character with a dark theme. To be bold she does not need any special plot or specific reason like, once upon a time there was a cutie-fruity girl, and all of a sudden, the table turns and that tragedy made her bold. It’s not mandatory please don’t do this.
  1. Over Romanticised: I don’t understand why we are prone to think like this that if there is a girl then there should a romantic thing which should be happening in the story and over romanticizing also refers to that why the writers make every scene that much romantic which are not generally necessary, this makes the story boring to most of the readers because it happens in every novels and story.
  1. They don’t have a grey shade: It means that the female characters are always going to be totally right{white} or they are going to be totally wrong{black}. This thing makes them fewer humans I must say because they are always described as an angel or totally devilize which is not present in the humans. We as humans are nuisance creatures which means that sometimes we are right and correct or sometimes we are wrong according to the situations and for the different people but not in the novels.. 

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