• Top 9 Worst Band Break-Ups. Lafictioner
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    Top 9 Worst Band Break-Ups.

    Music Bands have been the passion and one of the craziest things people have linked with their lives. A crowd of millions comes to their concert, and these bands have literal die-hard fans of them. The bands and their musicians are the heartthrobs of the crowd, especially women. These bands are the heart of every party and the youth’s obsession. But a heart is meant to break, and these bands have broke up as many hearts as they have made.  One Direction  While talking about the best bands of all time, how can one forget ‘One Direction.’  The band was formed in 2010, comprising five members- zayn, Louis, Harry, Nial,…

  • Being a Writer in India. Lafictioner
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    Being a Writer in India.

    The writer is one of the most creative jobs that one can find. As a writer, I believe a writer is not just a job but expertise. Writing jobs today also is not taken seriously, it’s not appreciated enough, and the depth of the job is often not understood. One has to struggle and learn thoroughly to become a writer. As a writer, you have to put your imagination in the form of different words and write them down by taking the understandability factor of the readers. Thus, being any writer, be it Content writer, novelist, etc., is not easy. But today, the career is being recognized more than ever…

  • Writer's Block: A Nightmare. Lafictioner
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    Writer’s Block: A Nightmare.

    Writer’s block is a problem that has haunted and come to all the writers someday. Every person writing in any format, from a poet to a journalist, has struggled with writer’s block. People get writer’s block in many forms of writing like report writing, content writing, script writing, and diary writing. They are different ways to clear and solve these blocks. Writer’s block is a condition that impacts writers and is best defined as a feeling of being caught in the middle of writing something new. Some people or critics think that writer blocks are caused by a lack of talent or ideas. The above might be a reason in…

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    In the 21st century, people’s lives are evolving faster than ever, and people can see, communicate and dive through people’s lives with the accessibility of social media. Social media has blurred the boundaries between people’s nature of being an extrovert and introverts. Social media has become a way of expression where people share their happiness, sorrow, and different moments of their lives they feel they would like the world to see. Social media is a wide range of internet and mobile services that provide various services through which people express, connect, and do multiple activities—many internet services related through social media like blogs, wikis, social networking websites, etc. Social media…

  • Best Psychological Thrillers on Netfilx. Lafictioner
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    Best Psychological Thrillers on Netfilx

    Netflix has a plethora of excellent psychological thrillers, ranging from classics like Zodiac and The Prestige to newcomers like Secret Obsession. Netflix features films for all tastes and genres, including psycho thrillers. These movies will have audiences guessing what might happen next and heighten the tension with each passing scene. These films are usually suspenseful, owing to the unknown aspects and mystery surrounding them. With new twists appearing regularly, Netflix has a wide selection of psycho thrillers for audiences who enjoy breaking things down and figuring out what might happen next. So here are the top 10 best psycho thrillers currently streaming on Netflix. 1. Secret Obsession Russell (Mike Vogel),…

  • Top 10 Metaphysical Poems. Lafictioner
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    Top 10 Metaphysical Poems.

    One essential trait of a human from the earliest age was to find a way to express themselves. As humans have evolved over the centuries, how they express themselves has changed. One of the popular ways to express themselves is through writing poetry. As every individual has their way or a unique style of expressing themselves, poems also have different styles. Today we are going to talk about metaphysical poetry. Metaphysical poetry is related to metaphysics. Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that studies the nature of reality. Metaphysics can be understood as something beyond physics. The abstract part of philosophy attempts to answer two questions, “what is there ?”…

  • Best Google Chrome Extension. Lafictioner
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    Best Google Chrome Extension.

    Technology has changed the way we used to study. But in these two years of covid, the study has become tech-savvy to a more significant extent. Now students spend more of their time on their laptops compared to books. on the internet itself, students can study and get educated through various chrome extensions Students who use Chrome have access to thousands of chrome extensions that can help them organize, direct, and remove any barriers that may stand in the way of their study sessions. As a result, we’ve put up a list of the top Chrome extensions for students to utilize in 2022. 1. MEMORIZE The basic idea behind this…

  • Amazing Tools for Content Writers.
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    Amazing Tools for Content Writers.

    Content writing is a tough job to do on your own. To continue content writing, writers need the right environment and inspiration. It’s challenging to get up to the keyboard every day, but with the appropriate writing tool, it can be productive and enjoyable. When it comes time to edit, you might be grateful that you were able to locate the apps, writing tools, and resources that will help you write excellent copy. Here are a few of our favorites, organized according to their potential applications. So here’s the list of the top writing tools that I use while blogging and content writing- 1. MICROSOFT WORD Microsoft Word is a…

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    POWER OF MUSIC Music is an element, if not a crucial part but has been a part of every human’s life. Music is more than just tune, melody, and lyrics; music triggers particular and unique emotions in every human who listens to it. These emotions make a song the music of all time and distinctive from All songs.  I believe music is so pure of creativity that it is divine; it’s a part of nature. Music pierces through a person’s heart and give birth to different emotions in them. One emotion that every man and woman has experienced is heartbreak. The power of music then dealt with these challenging times…

  • Things All Adults should know. Lafictioner
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    Things All Adults should know.

    Growing up is different for everyone, and so is becoming an adult. 18 is a dangerous number and acts as a time bomb for a teenager; as you turn, you are expected to know certain things. And if you don’t, the world can hang you by the neck. So here are the top things you should know if you are an adult. 1. BASIC LAWS As you become an adult, your world will quickly become bigger as you deal with college, internships, parties, and many others. As you will see, your life will be paced up so fast that it’s sometimes hard to know what’s wrong and right. Therefore basic…

  • Things that releases stress. Lafictioner

    Things that Releases Stress.

    Stress is some of the most widespread illnesses in today’s world. Stress has consumed our world like a wildfire burns the jungle. According to the survey, 1,20,000 people die from stress per year. In India, 89% of people suffer from stress. Work, finances, personal relations, and parenting. are the top contributors to stress. People in India still don’t recognize the seriousness of stress being a significant illness and a severe medical condition affecting your mental and physical health. Many Indians still don’t seek medical attention to release stress.  But medical treatment is not the only way to treat stress, so here are some ways you can reduce stress. 1. EXERCISE…

  • Reason Why you should have Hobbies. Lafictioner

    Reason Why you should have Hobbies.

    Hobbies play a vital role in a human’s life. Good hobbies make a human future or destroy it, and Hobbies can be seen as the life choices you make. For me, good hobbies are like manners; someone said, “manners maketh a man.” Hobbies are linked to habits and interests that a human being has; these interesting hobbies can have a good or bad impact on your life. It depends on what hobby you need to get addicted to and what to leave behind. Hobbies are subjective and vary from person to person based on their interests, physical capability, and many other factors. But I believe there are some good hobbies…

  • Being depressed on Social Media. Lafictioner
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    Being Depressed On Social Media.

    Believe it or not, social media is a root cause of depression today. There is growing proof that social media use and depression are related. In considerable research, it was discovered that teenage and young adult users who spent the most time on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms had a significantly greater rate of reported depression than those who did not (from 13 to 66 percent). These studies point to a correlation rather than a cause. But it’s important to consider how social media might be harming teenagers and young adults. The fact that an increase in depression coincided with an increase in smartphone use is one reason the association…

  • Reasons Why Japan Lives in the Future. Lafictioner
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    Reasons Why Japan Lives in the Future.

    Even after going through such a horrific past like Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings and dealing with so many natural calamities.,Japan still is one of the advanced places in terms of technology.  The reason is that Japan’s youth is unquestionably the source of the country’s technological growth. According to statistics, the performance levels of Japanese students are second in mathematics and first in science among the 34 OECD countries. In Japan, state spending on education accounts for roughly 3.59 percent of G.D.P. Women aged 15 to 19 make up just 0.93 percent of the population. In Japan, students start school at age seven and must complete nine years of compulsory education…

  • Being a poet in India. Lafictioner
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    The Art of Poetry in India: An Insider’s Perspective.

    OVERVIEW OF POETRY IN INDIA Being a Poet is an art that many have adopted and mastered. This art has been in our country for centuries. One element that completes the art of Poetry is language, and India, a country of diverse cultures and religions, has approximately one hundred and twenty-one languages. As an Indian Poet, the person has the advantage of knowing multiple heritages and cultures. This helps the Poets to gather a broad audience and dive right through elements of diversity amongst the beautiful cultures.  This art has thrived and evolved in our country. Numerous men and women have carved their names in history and time for being…

  • Best Instagram Pages to Follow in 2022. Lafictioner
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    Best Instagram Pages to Follow in 2022.

    Today in this meta and technological world, people have evolved how they get inspiration. Humans spend more time on Instagram than humans. Instagram is one of the most happening places in the metaverse where people get information, inspiration, and news about everything and anything. People consume this information in the form of content through Instagram pages that they follow. These owners or operators of the pages keep their followers posted with daily content. The content that people on insta customers consume can be subjective to their likes, dislikes, and interests. But today, in the list, we will be taking the general interests of every person; these are the top pages…

  • Bollywood Songs Every 90's Kid Enjoyed. Lafictioner
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    Bollywood Songs Every 90’s Kid Enjoyed.

    Bollywood and music have been in the veins of every Indian that has ever been born in the 90s. Bollywood saw a massive rise among its fans as the industry became as huge as ever. One of the most significant contributors to this was songs. Songs in the ’90s had a different vibe. The era of Mithun Chakraborty disco dancers was just at the end, and Govinda’s a street dancer style. New talent flourished in the acting and music industry of Bollywood that became the heartthrob of men and women, and sometimes songs were considered more important than the plot of the movie. That’s what is the craze in the…

  • Top 10 music videos of all time. lafictioner
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    Top 10 Music Videos of all Time.

    Music has been one of the most crucial elements of society if we broadly see music is present everywhere. At every celebration, festival, or party. Music brings every kind of emotion to humans, sorrow, happiness, etc.  The music industry started presenting its music in music videos to strengthen the connection between music and the audience. Music videos were introduced in 1894 and gained popularity like wildfire amongst the audience because music with video seemed like a bonus and added as an entertaining factor for the audience.  Music videos also gave the music a jump in recognition as they had colorful and creative videos and representations expressing a motive or emotion…

  • Open Mic Culture in India. Lafictioner
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    Open Mic Culture in India.

    WHAT IS AN OPEN MIC? Open mic today is one of the most popular and exciting events organized in India. The widespread addiction to open mic has provided thousands of people with professional opportunities to showcase their talents. Many professions like standup comics, poets, singers, etc., have prospered through the open mic concept in India.  Many lounges and restaurants have now adopted open mic as their business strategy and a crowd puller. Open mics are now everywhere in big cities like Delhi, Banglore, Chandigarh, etc. people today go to  open mics often for daily pleasure and fun, just like they visit movies and restaurants. An open mic is a place…

  • BTS & Hatred. Lafictioner
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    BTS & Hatred?

    BTS short for Bangtan Sonyeodan or Bangtan boys . It’s a seven-member boy band group(Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook) from South Korea that debuted in 2013 under big hit entertainment. They are famous for their music and the positivity they spread through the lyrics of their songs and different campaigns like Love Yourself and Speak yourself. They are a significant part of this big hit entertainment industry. They have a colossal fandom consisting of fans from every age group, from teenagers to older adults, from girls to boys of different races and countries. BTS is what unites these people together through the music. BTS fans are called…