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Being a Writer in India.

The writer is one of the most creative jobs that one can find. As a writer, I believe a writer is not just a job but expertise. Writing jobs today also is not taken seriously, it’s not appreciated enough, and the depth of the job is often not understood. One has to struggle and learn thoroughly to become a writer. As a writer, you have to put your imagination in the form of different words and write them down by taking the understandability factor of the readers. Thus, being any writer, be it Content writer, novelist, etc., is not easy.

But today, the career is being recognized more than ever in India. There are many types of writers where the skills of writers are seen and enjoyed by the audience.


Writer for passion and a Writing career are two different things as a job with or without passion; a monetary aspect is linked to it. Thus here are some of the types of Writing jobs with the most employment and best Writing careers.


Taglines, product descriptions, commercials, and other succinct, emotive literary pieces that compel readers to perform specific actions are created by copywriters. This industry has numerous specializations like SEO copywriting, direct response copywriting, and email copywriting. While many copywriters hold full-time Writing jobs, many more operate independently and accept clients on a freelance basis.

Beyond these areas of expertise, copywriters often concentrate on particular sectors of the economy, such as the healthcare sector, the arts, and more.


You’re currently reading a blog post that a Content writer authored. In reality, Content writers are responsible for creating every piece of material you’ve ever read on a website, including how-to manuals and educational articles. Since someone has to write the screenplays, Content writers are responsible for the TV commercials you’ve seen.

Bloggers are considered “Content writers.” Like copywriters, Content writers frequently focus on one or two particular industries. They can work in-house or as freelancers, exactly like copywriters.


Documentation created by Technical writers demonstrates how to use software and other technological tools. They create articles, product guides, how-to guides, and instruction manuals. Technical writers produce content that is comparable to that of Content writers. However, they write to describe how a system or product functions as opposed to Content writers who typically try to interest readers as part of more considerable marketing efforts.

A technical writer must be extremely thorough in their work and allow no opportunity for misunderstanding or error. Technical writers frequently have degrees or other formal training in STEM disciplines, though this is not always the case.

Reports say that in 2020, the median annual salary for Technical writers was $74,650.


Another Writing career that amateur writers can opt for is a communications officer. They serve as the organization’s or brand’s spokeswoman, releasing information like press releases and answering questions from the media. Public relations or communications professionals are other names for communications officers.


The journalist is one of the most paid and most taken jobs by writers; for many writers who want to be in the media industry, being a journalist is their dream Writing job.

Journalists produce timely news articles. Intense research and interviewing abilities are also necessary for a journalism career and writing abilities. Journalists work in a range of contexts, including print newspapers, radio, and television, as well as internet platforms.


What I meant from the overhead line as a writer is not just a tag but expertise. Above are some of the best Writing careers you can go for, but before going for them, I believe a writer should have a strong foundation.

As I said, writing is a creative job. A natural inclination and born talent are not enough to be a good writer. To be a good writer, one must read and acquire information for a long time. Before you start writing words, I believe there must be a lot of knowledge intake. Learning and reading are the guru-mantra to being a good writer. Thus gradually, you develop a relationship with the language. The weapon through which the writer Peirce the reader’s hearts are WORDS. If we see words as just a human, as we first judge or see the physical appearance of a person, it is the same with words. The physical appearance of words can be seen as phonetics of the words. Phonetics defines the physical appearance of a word. According to literature, every word has one meaning, but; that meaning does not just bind that word. An average word makes 50 different references in a person’s mind. A good writer should know these facts as words are most important for his Writing career and writings.

A writer has to have a sensibility when writing and what he writes. This sensibility can come from reading masters in writing. A writer should not just bound himself by reading from only one genre or writings of only one writer as this will make you dry and restricted as a writer. A to-be a writer should always play around with different types of content as it will make him more mastered at work and understandable about ways of writing. atlast, By doing all this work, your foundation will lay strong, which will give you an edge over the other writers. Don’t be in a hurry to write because once you are whole from the inside and have the inner feeling to write, you will write and write beautifully.