Seven Reason why clubbing is overrated.
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Seven Reasons Why Clubbing is Overrated?

Clubbing is the act of going to nightclubs, dancing to DJ mixes, popular music, drinking, and socialising. Young people, teens and 20s’, enjoy going to nightclubs regularly or at least they say so because they think it’s cool. And who doesn’t want to look cool, especially in their teenage years? Young people, at least most of them, said they love clubbing. They can wear crazy costumes and bold makeup and hang out with strangers. Also, endless dancing away the night and everything that can give you an adrenaline rush. But mostly because you are ‘cool’ if you are into clubbing. And if you are a teen or in your 20s’ you know the popular ones aren’t the nerds; they’re the cool ones.

Most people who go clubbing often fail to notice the atmosphere they are in and how it harms them when they are at nightclubs regularly. As people grow older, or if they were an introvert from the beginning, they quickly notice that clubbing is overrated. Clubbing is an overrated activity despite the hype behind clubbing, disco lights, huge dance floors, crazy bachelorette party nights, shimmering pretty dresses and shots. Here’s why.

1. Endless waiting lines and Bouncers – Bouncers are rude to people and won’t let you in quickly if you are a newbie or alone. They will make your stay in a long line outside the club, which feels endless. You’ll see people who just arrived entering the club before you, because they are the regular ones, or bribe the bouncers. 

2. Overpriced drinks – Everyone knows that you will get a short, expensive bill on your credit card if you are going to a nightclub. No nightclub has been able to explain why the drinks are so overpriced that they 3 or 4 times greater than the actual price they should’ve been. And to top it, taxes! An unsatisfactory night with your credit card maxed out calls for a once in a lifetime clubbing experience, not a classic regular one.

3. Loud music, can’t talk – Most people go clubbing to get laid. And everyone who goes clubbing knows this. The people who think they have a shot at getting laid end up doing that 1 out of 10 times. After endless rejections, disgusted and disappointed looks, formal not interested apologies, and to top it all, 2-minute judgements. If someone passes all these rounds, they get lucky; they are not hot or cool. But, the real difficulty behind all these difficulties is to go to a person and talk, socialise, and ask them to hang out with you. Unfortunately, even if you are a confident person, you might not be able to speak because of the loud music blasting through your ears endlessly throughout the night. And this could potentially lead to a misunderstanding or miscommunication. Before you know it, you have been ghosted for mostly the 3rd time of the night. Even if you are out with your friends to talk about your sorrows, the chances of having an actual meaningful conversation with them are low, or you are constantly shouting.

4. Overcrowded dance floors – Everyone wants to hit the floor once the drinks kick in. Almost everyone is on the dance floor. They don’t realise that once they hit the dance floor, they are in a sweaty, stinking stream of people, and germs continuously transmit from one another. Someone is constantly touching or punching someone else unintentionally. Your favourite song you wanted to dance to will take another half an hour of endless apologies-I- stepped-on-your-feet to play. They are breathing into each other, with chances of getting tramped. It’s even harder to get out of the dance floor.

5. Party outfits and the hustle – An unpopular opinion, but if you don’t have the right party outfit, especially if you are attending a bachelorette party. Most bachelorette parties have a theme, and finding the right costume can be a hustle. Sometimes, even if you have the right party outfit, the crowd may still be disappointed. And if you decide to keep it casual and NOT wear a party dress, you will spend time outside the club more than the inside. Expert clubbers are recognised quickly eve by the staff by their party dress. Even if you have excellent taste in fashion, party dresses are usually costly.

6. Too dark and Disco Lights – The concept of disco lights is so weird. Honestly, the Centre of the dance floor is where the disco light Mirrorball is placed. The rest of the area is too dark, and you get lost quick from your friends. Then you have to swim your way through the darkness to find them, which can be scary because if you’re a woman, you have no idea who is touching you, and if you’re a man, you have no idea whom you are feeling. 

7. A not-so-happy-and-healthy night. – Clubs are covid hotspots. Even after taking precautions, you might still catch a cold because of the easy transmission of germs. The washrooms in the club are nasty, with vomits half of the place, and staff usually do not care to clean it during the night. People keep spilling drinks on the dance floor or near the bar counter or the table due to walking from the bar to the table through the overcrowded dance floor. Constant shouting throughout the night leaves with an awful voice the following day. Hangovers and loud noise headaches are also quite common. Overall, not a healthy and happy night. 

After reading this, expert clubbers might argue that you have to find the right club to fit in. Nevertheless, Finding the proper nightclub will not let you escape sweaty bodies, mean bouncers, costly drinks, loud music, hangover headaches and losing self-validation.