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    5 Indian Poets Everyone Should Read.

    Poetry is the oldest and one of the most prominent forms of Indian literature. It has taken several forms and languages and touched millions of hearts. It has also changed the lives of Indian poets forever. When someone reminisces about poetry, the first thing that comes to mind is the works of a few famous and forever favorite Indian poets. From Mirabai to Rabindranath Tagore, there are five Indian poets everyone should know. Sant Mirabai Mirabai, a true devotee of Krishna, is known for her work in the Bhakti movement era of poetry in the 16th century. She dedicated her whole life to Krishna, went against the social and societal…

  • The Dark Truth of Reality Shows. Lafictioner
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    The Dark Truth of Reality Shows.

    Have you seen Roadies, Bigg Boss, and KBC? Then you are probably familiar with Indian reality shows. Reality shows are television programs in which ordinary Indian citizens get to participate and entertain the audience with their creativity and talent. The controversy and mystery of reality shows in India are that viewers do not know if the show is scripted or genuine. This general confusion sets the scene for exploring the dark side of Indian reality shows. Teardrops on Cue One of the reasons people do not believe in Indian reality shows is the number of tears shed by judges, participants, and their families. When reality shows in India began in…

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    The Art of Poetry in India: An Insider’s Perspective.

    OVERVIEW OF POETRY IN INDIA Being a Poet is an art that many have adopted and mastered. This art has been in our country for centuries. One element that completes the art of Poetry is language, and India, a country of diverse cultures and religions, has approximately one hundred and twenty-one languages. As an Indian Poet, the person has the advantage of knowing multiple heritages and cultures. This helps the Poets to gather a broad audience and dive right through elements of diversity amongst the beautiful cultures.  This art has thrived and evolved in our country. Numerous men and women have carved their names in history and time for being…

  • Best Instagram Pages to Follow in 2022. Lafictioner
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    Best Instagram Pages to Follow in 2022.

    Today in this meta and technological world, people have evolved how they get inspiration. Humans spend more time on Instagram than humans. Instagram is one of the most happening places in the metaverse where people get information, inspiration, and news about everything and anything. People consume this information in the form of content through Instagram pages that they follow. These owners or operators of the pages keep their followers posted with daily content. The content that people on insta customers consume can be subjective to their likes, dislikes, and interests. But today, in the list, we will be taking the general interests of every person; these are the top pages…

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    Bollywood Songs Every 90’s Kid Enjoyed.

    Bollywood and music have been in the veins of every Indian that has ever been born in the 90s. Bollywood saw a massive rise among its fans as the industry became as huge as ever. One of the most significant contributors to this was songs. Songs in the ’90s had a different vibe. The era of Mithun Chakraborty disco dancers was just at the end, and Govinda’s a street dancer style. New talent flourished in the acting and music industry of Bollywood that became the heartthrob of men and women, and sometimes songs were considered more important than the plot of the movie. That’s what is the craze in the…

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    Top 10 Music Videos of all Time.

    Music has been one of the most crucial elements of society if we broadly see music is present everywhere. At every celebration, festival, or party. Music brings every kind of emotion to humans, sorrow, happiness, etc.  The music industry started presenting its music in music videos to strengthen the connection between music and the audience. Music videos were introduced in 1894 and gained popularity like wildfire amongst the audience because music with video seemed like a bonus and added as an entertaining factor for the audience.  Music videos also gave the music a jump in recognition as they had colorful and creative videos and representations expressing a motive or emotion…

  • Anime in India. Lafictioner
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    Anime in India

    With the increase in easy access to television, the Internet, and online streaming platforms, Anime gained massive popularity in India beginning in the 1980s. Few television anime cartoons like Doraemon, Shin-Chan, Power Rangers, and Pokémon became household names in India. Dragon Ball z, released in 1983, took Indian television and cartoons by storm, especially for children. Many Indians assumed that these were the same as cartoon shows, as U.S. cartoons like Tom & Jerry and Scooby Dooby Doo were also famous in India. As time passed, many Indians understood Anime, and a new world opened up for them. Evolution of Anime in India Dragon Ball z, Pokémon, Power Rangers, Ramayana:…

  • Comic culture in India. Lafictioner
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    Comic Culture in India.

    India, a diverse country with excellent storytelling through different mediums like cinema, music, and literature, downplays when it comes to comics. Indian comics revolve around mythology and folk tales. Diamond comics, tinkle, Raj comics, and Amar Chitra Katha have been famous distribution networks over the last six decades.  History  The times of India launched Indrajal Comics in the mid-1960s starting the comic industry in India. In the late 1960s, Amar Chitra Katha was established. Western superhero comics were already existing in India. To rival the superhero of the west comics, several indigenous comics were launched in the 1970s. In the 80s, India launched its superhero comics. But when in the…

  • What is Jazz Poetry? Lafictioner
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    What is Jazz Poetry?

    Jazz Poetry is a literary genre that speaks about Jazz music and has Jazz rhythm. Authors of Jazz Poetry read poetry with rhythms of Jazz music. Like Jazz music, Jazz Poetry takes different forms, rhythms, and sounds. Historically African Americans were treated as nothing but enslaved people and had no access to words. In his book Digitopia Blues, John Sobol said, Jazz was a powerful oral means of self-empowerment for African Americans. Sobol stated that constrained poets in the literate tradition had developed a sound kinship with Jazz. And these poets mimicked or recreated Jazz models in their poetry, which became known as Jazz Poetry. In the 1920s, poetry and…

  • Open Mic Culture in India. Lafictioner
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    Open Mic Culture in India.

    WHAT IS AN OPEN MIC? Open mic today is one of the most popular and exciting events organized in India. The widespread addiction to open mic has provided thousands of people with professional opportunities to showcase their talents. Many professions like standup comics, poets, singers, etc., have prospered through the open mic concept in India.  Many lounges and restaurants have now adopted open mic as their business strategy and a crowd puller. Open mics are now everywhere in big cities like Delhi, Banglore, Chandigarh, etc. people today go to  open mics often for daily pleasure and fun, just like they visit movies and restaurants. An open mic is a place…

  • BTS & Hatred. Lafictioner
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    BTS & Hatred?

    BTS short for Bangtan Sonyeodan or Bangtan boys . It’s a seven-member boy band group(Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook) from South Korea that debuted in 2013 under big hit entertainment. They are famous for their music and the positivity they spread through the lyrics of their songs and different campaigns like Love Yourself and Speak yourself. They are a significant part of this big hit entertainment industry. They have a colossal fandom consisting of fans from every age group, from teenagers to older adults, from girls to boys of different races and countries. BTS is what unites these people together through the music. BTS fans are called…

  • The rise and fall of one direction. Lafictioner
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    The Rise and Fall of One Direction.

    One Direction, formed in London, England, is a five-member boy band of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson. Syco Records signed them after they finished third in The X Factor’s singing competition in 2010. When they started, they were teen idols and managed to gain global fandom.  Albums of One Direction Up All Night (2011) Take Me Home (2012) Midnight Memories (2013) Four (2014) Made in the A.M. (2015) They topped the charts in several countries. Their hit singles are Best Song Ever, Live While We’re Young, What Makes You Beautiful, Story of My Life, and Drag Me Down. One Direction is the first band to have…

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    Origin of Indian Poetry.

    Origin of Poetry The word poetry came from the medieval Latin word “poetria,” from Latin poeta, ‘poet.’ Earlier term referred to creative literature. Poetry was in the oral form before writing. Many ancient poems were prayers or religious stories, historical accounts, love songs, and fiction. The Vedas (1500 – 1000 BC) and the Odyssey (800 – 675 BC) is said to be composed in poetic forms. Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor, in Hieratic language, around 2500 B.C.E, is the oldest speculated fiction poem. Origin of Indian Poetry The oldest epic poetry is the Indian Sanskrit epics Ramayana and Mahabharata in India. Indian poetry and Indian literature go back to Vedas…

  • Madhushala by Harivansh Rai Bachchan. Lafictioner
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    Madhushala by Harivansh Rai Bachchan.

    Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan  Harivansh rai  Bachchan is one of India’s most successful, famous, and skilled Hindi poets. Unlike other poets, Harivansh Rai  Bachchan’s poems are not just read by poetry lovers but are included in most of the education systems of India. Harivansh rai  Bachchan is the first poet of India to receive a Ph.D. in English Literature from Cambridge University. He was born on 27 November 1907 in Babupatti village, in the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh. Harivansh grew up in a sizeable Brahmin family struggling with financial difficulties. He studied in Allahabad and attended St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge University. When he returned to India, he worked for…

  • Top singers and bands of the Indi-pop era. Lafictioner
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    Top Singers and Bands of the Indi-pop ERA.

    Indi-pop Indi-pop is a music genre that is pop music made in India. The Indian music scene, famous for Bollywood music, changed with the Indi-pop era as it is independent music. British-Indian fusion band Monsoon was the first to use the term Indi-pop through their 1981 EP release.  Early pop in Indian music Indian producer Biddu was already in the pop scene of the South Asia region. He popularised pop in Indian music with the release of the best-selling album Made in India in 1995, launching the career of Alisha Chinai. He also launched the careers of famous Indian pop acts like Shaan and his sister Sagarika, Sonu Nigam, and…

  • Romanticism in Depth. Lafictioner
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    Romanticism in Depth. 

    What is Romanticism? Romanticism – a word used in various aspects- has evolved to mean different things. The word’s foundation is in leading a movement, mainly in the art and literature world in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was a campaign against the Neoclassicism of the previous centuries.  German poet Friedrich Schlegel who first used the term ‘romantic,’ defined it as ‘literature depicting emotional matter in an imaginative form.’ Victor Hugo described it as ‘liberalism in literature.’  Imagination, freedom, and emotion are the focal points of romanticism. Romanticism included themes of individualism, love, and nature worship in literature. And also the superiority of imagination to reason, devotion to beauty,…

  • Ten reasons to love BTS. Lafictioner
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    Ten Reasons to Love BTS.

    Global K-pop phenomenon BTS of Big Hit entertainment are known for their love of music and fans. The multiple record-breaking seven-member boybands have given more than seven reasons to love them. Proving themselves, again and again, the boyband consisting of members Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook is a powerhouse of talent. In this article, we discuss ten reasons to love BTS. Music – BTS music is known for its versatility in experimenting with different genres. BTS has released songs in some genres: Pop, EDM, Funk Rap, R&B, Urban, Hip-Hop, Dance Pop, Ballad, Rap, Country, and Rock.  The rap line consists of Kim Namjoon, J-Hope and Min Yoongi,…

  • writer's block-ways to deal with it . Lafictioner.
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    Writer’s Block-Ways to Deal with It.

    A writer’s worst enemy. It is a condition associated with writing, where an author is unable to write a new work or not able to tap into his creative imagination. It doesn’t occur only in story writing; it can also happen in report writing, content writing, script writing or diary writing.  Every Writer faces it, no matter their career path, at least once in their career. Everyone experiences Writer’s block, either beginner or a professional, once in a while. Types of Writer’s block Audience’s reaction – Often, while a writer starts a new work or continues their previous work, they imagine their target audience and their response. It could help…

  • Indian poets of YouTube. Lafictioner
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    As Percy Bysshe has quoted, “Poetry lifts the veil from the hidden beauty of the world, and makes familiar objects be as if they were not familiar.”  UNDERSTANDING POETRY Poetry has been the most continuous art form, hobby, and a way of expression for as long as history can remember. People consider poetry as their profession rather than considering it a hobby. Poetry dives and cuts right through all elements that differentiate humans in this world, like class, language, religion, etc. The feeling of a poet that he has written down on the pages is connected, felt, and relatable to many people ignoring the fact where they belong from. EVOLUTION…

  • The reason why people start writing diary. Lafictioner
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    The Reason why people start writing diary.

    A diary is a record of your everyday life over a period of time. Writing a diary has been one of the most popular hobbies people have been doing for many years. Writing a journal hasn’t been restricted as a hobby like others. People of every profession are known to keep a diary, from sailors and soldiers to 6 years old children who have learned to have a hobby of writing journals. A journal is a great way to keep check of one day and memories by writing every vital detail of people’s lives. People like to keep numerous types of diaries, like dream diaries, gratitude diaries, travel journals, etc.…