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Ten Reasons to Love BTS.

Global K-pop phenomenon BTS of Big Hit entertainment are known for their love of music and fans. The multiple record-breaking seven-member boybands have given more than seven reasons to love them. Proving themselves, again and again, the boyband consisting of members Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook is a powerhouse of talent. In this article, we discuss ten reasons to love BTS.

  1. Music – BTS music is known for its versatility in experimenting with different genres. BTS has released songs in some genres: Pop, EDM, Funk Rap, R&B, Urban, Hip-Hop, Dance Pop, Ballad, Rap, Country, and Rock. 

The rap line consists of Kim Namjoon, J-Hope and Min Yoongi, and the vocal line consists of Kim Seok-Jin, Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jungkook. Most songs are a mix of rap and vocal lines, as it shows the individuality of the members. 

BTS music is known for its artistry and for releasing fresh tunes. Many of their songs tackle sensitive issues. They dedicate their music to their fans. Most of their feel-good songs are not just about love or friendship. They often have a profound underlying message about stereotypes, prejudice against teenagers, mental illness, and following dreams. 

  1. Music Videos – BTS have an excellent synchronization percentage when performing. They don’t lip-sync. And train hard, as they have to sing and dance simultaneously. Their music videos always have hidden messages and easter eggs for their fans. Members show their strengths and have a narrative in their videos. 

They don’t fail to deliver energetic performances even with challenging dance choreography. Most importantly, they have impressive story-telling music videos through creative visuals and meaningful performances in acting and dancing.

  1. Concerts – BTS are excellent entertainers when it comes to concerts. They ensure that their fans are safe, comfortable and having a good time. Their shows are almost all the time sold out.

BTS captivate the audience with their energetic performances and live singing. They create a magical experience in their concerts, always thank ARMY and show their love. Not only this, but BTS has also donated $1Million to crew nation to support concert crews during the pandemic.

  1. Variety shows – Some of the most popular variety shows of BTS are Run BTS and BTS in the run BTS, Bon Voyage, and In the Soop (BTS ver.). Variety shows are a medium BTS uses to communicate with fans and have fun during hectic schedules. 

Their shows are funny and entertaining, as they always try new things, share experiences, bicker, and take their punishments seriously. These variety shows have also been the base for many memes and stickers. 

  1. Documentary – BTS always releases their practice videos and behind-the-scenes shoot on their social media platforms. They have also made documentaries like Burn the Stage, Bring the Soul: The Docu-series, and Break the Silence: The Docu-series. 

Through these documentaries, BTS show their genuine, vulnerable side. They talk about their struggles and how much work goes into being their perfect selves onscreen. They show their real individualities, apart from their stage personas and also how they connect with their stage personas.

 BTS members Jin, Suga, Kim Taehyung, RM, J-Hope, Jungkook and Jimin, sit down and talk about their experiences. And share how they have felt in a particular moment individually. 

  1. Endorsements – BTS have managed to bag famous endorsements in their journey to fame. Popular brands like Samsung, McDonald’s, Coway, Hyundai Bank VT Cosmetics, Fila, and Puma have endorsed BTS. 

No matter how many foreign brands they are involved in, they are always faithful to their motherland by supporting small brands. They have broken stereotypes and supported various causes with their meaningful partnerships.

 BTS are house ambassadors of Louis Vuitton. They’ve also promoted Korea’s traditional wear of hanbok repeatedly and gifted them to Coldplay recently.

  1. Entertainment agency – Big Hit Music is a South Korean entertainment company established in 2005. The company has been supporting the boyband ever since BTS’s debut. The company was bankrupt during its initial stages and still gave its best to support BTS.

 BTS renewed and extended its contract with the agency in 2018 for seven more years. Also, BTS members are partial owners of Big Hit, with combined shares of 479,000 as per reports which are rare for artists. It shows the boy bands’ loyalty towards their agency and the friendship of Big Hit and BTS.

Big Hit and BTS have also donated to support many causes. BTS staff are known for constantly supporting BTS members. Their Entertainment company also helps their artists take time off and explore new talents.  

  1. Work ethic – BTS have a strong work ethic. They are always sincere through music, videos, interviews, documentaries, and fan meets. Their passion, love for music, and messages for standing up for the youth have reached millions. Their work ethic is the main reason they were able to gain massive fandom and break many records. They take their job as songwriters, singers and rappers very seriously. 
  1. Brotherhood – No matter how many ships ARMYs like to make, BTS has an undeniable brotherhood. They respect and support each other constantly, even in their solo projects. They have a deep friendship and care about each other. 

Every member has said at least once that the members are brothers and are a huge family and would like to continue working with each other for a long time. They bicker, fight, dislike little things, and have different opinions. But they accept each other’s flaws and maintain a good relationship. 

  1. ARMY – ARMY offline and online have always shown endless support towards BTS. From shutting down haters to solving internal conflicts among themselves, they try to spread as much love and positivity as possible.

They maintain group chats, help each other during a crisis, and discuss their favorite artists. They donated to many causes to support BTS and friends of BTS by conducting charities and campaigns. 

BTS and ARMYs meet and greet is also heart-warming and funny. BTS always tries to give back 100 folds of the love they received from their fans and followers. BTS’s love for ARMY and ARMY’s love for BTS go hand in hand almost all the time. ARMYs also go to extreme lengths to show their love and support towards BTS. 

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