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As Percy Bysshe has quoted, “Poetry lifts the veil from the hidden beauty of the world, and makes familiar objects be as if they were not familiar.” 


Poetry has been the most continuous art form, hobby, and a way of expression for as long as history can remember. People consider poetry as their profession rather than considering it a hobby. Poetry dives and cuts right through all elements that differentiate humans in this world, like class, language, religion, etc. The feeling of a poet that he has written down on the pages is connected, felt, and relatable to many people ignoring the fact where they belong from.


Poetry has evolved in the centuries of its existence and how it is presented and communicated. Indian poetry has evolved as a whole and also as a community. Poetry has been in India since Vedic times and is written in various languages like Sanskrit, Hindi, and Telugu. Indian poetry has set a long journey from being written on palm leaves to having auditorium shows where the masses pay them to hear them.

Evolution and restrictions in the poem industry have led the poets to use the power of technology to promote themselves and have their grasp on the industry.


Because people are charging money and people are not letting promote new talent without any money, spill poetry was born because of all these issues faced by the Indian poets, which were; as a result, limiting their talent and creativity. 

Therefore to answer this problem, Daaniyal founded Spill poetry with his friend Ashish Shah in 2016. They went on YouTube with a ‘Shayad Wo Pyaar Nahi’ video by poet Yahya Bootwala. Since then, they have uploaded many videos and got millions of views.

Because the noncooperation and financial motive of platforms were a problem for many poets, this idea of spill poetry got famous. So people came and wanted to share their art with the world in large amounts. They came out with the concept of Spill poetry. They hit 11.2 lakh subscribers and have uploaded 222 videos till now.

Spill poetry holds monthly events in Mumbai. People interested in showcasing their talent try their luck, and if they like the artist’s work, they are taken in.

Another type of poetry that has been helped and out poets into the scene is unerase poetry. Unerase poetry is just like an initiative like spill poetry started by Simar Singh. Simar saw the difference between the type of fame and platform stand-up comedians were having and thought of solving it by using youtube and presenting the poets, and amplifying their voices via youtube.

 Unerase poetry does its work by partnering with Tuning fork cafe in Mumbai, which conducts open mics and handpicks poets, and these poets are advanced to perform live with a packed audience.

Simar has made himself viral through Unerase poetry by uploading his video reciting a poet named ” the legal rapist.” and is trending across the social networking website. 

Many poets have paved their way through the youtube platform, which has made them a known face and their work known in today’s world.


Amongst many poets, there are some notable poets whose work should be much more appreciated. Between so many crowds, these poets have made their own space and a place in people’s hearts and on their phone screens Priya Malik and Nidhi narwal.

Priya Malik, a woman with many talents, such as being an actor and tv personality, has defined herself as a poet whenever asked in an interview. Priya Malik started reciting and writing poems when she was a kid. she says that all the excellence in other art forms that she has attained is because of her poetry only.

Priya started her journey in stand-up comedy to become a poet with a distinct voice. Her popularity and influence can be seen on her Instagram account alone. She has over 3,00,000 followers. She wrote her first poem when she was about 12 years old. Her most famous poem is Main 2019 mein 1999 dhoondh rahi hoon. She started performing when she was around 28-years-old. She started doing spoken word poetry because this is also something that happens to her. 

Priya Malik also likes to write about topics related to sensitive social issues as she believes she should use the voice that the audience has given to her.

Just like the talented poet Priya Malik is, another name, Nidhi narwal, comes to our mind. Nidhi narwal is the perfect and successful example of what youtube or a social media platform can do for a poet. Nidhi Narwal is a poet and Youtuber. She is a performer from Delhi. She has a huge fan following on all social media platforms. Recently, her poetry video went viral on youtube – Usey Pasand Hai by Nidhi Narwal.

Nidhi Narwal began writing poetry for The Social House. Her YouTube channel, The Social House, received millions of views. During The Social House’s Week of the Week in February 2018, Nidhi Narwal was the performer of the week. Her poem, Mushkil Hai, went viral. In one year, the video has already been viewed 5.2 million times. She has also been featured on unerase poetry and other youtube channels.

you can watch her poetry on the links given below,

Living the present is good but one should know its origin. Check out the origin of Indian poetry.