• Why I like Tony Kakkar
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    Yes, I like Tony Kakkar and his songs. (Surprise.) Come on! Don’t tell me that you have not grooved on the likes of “Coca-Cola” and “Dheeme Dheeme” at some party, birthday, or something. Don’t tell me that you have not vibed on “Oh Humsafar” and “Mile Ho Tum Humko.” Yes, you have. I know that. Now, why am I telling you this, to prove a point? Maybe maybe not. If you dig deep into the history of music, you’ll get to know that nothing, apparently. I mean no one knows who invented or discovered music. No one knows exactly when and how it originated. So, my point here is that…

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    Letters are a Forgotten Tool of Communication.

    Letters Are a Forgotten Tool of Communication. *Dear Readers, thank you for your patience in reading my article and for sacrificing a few minutes of your life that you could have used to do something more productive such as watching political debates on tv or scrolling mindlessly on Instagram to find that perfect “Ptli Kamariya Girl”   However, today after approximately a year of not writing any articles or posting anything on the page. I have finally awakened from my writer’s block hibernation phase and chosen a lovely topic to discuss with you readers on this page. The topic is obvious as the title suggests. We don’t use letters as a…