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    4 Must Read Kiran Desai Novel Collection.

                 Kiran belongs to the bloodline of literature, she is the daughter of Novelist Anita Desai. She was born in Delhi. However, she had a taste of diverse cultures as she moved across different geography. She spent her childhood in Pune and Mumbai, and in her early teens, she moved to England then to the United States. Kiran Desai’s novels prove her excellence in creative writing. She is a graduate of Creative Writing at Bennington College, Hollins University.  Given below in the article is the list of the top 4 Kiran Desai Novels.   1. The Inheritance of Loss  Genre: Fiction  First published in 2006,…

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    Adelaide’ Diary: Day-Three. The Crystal Ball

    If Adelaide had a Crystal Ball, Adelaide sits at her desk, reflecting on the week’s events. She honestly wishes she had a time machine. She wants to go back to Dec 31, 2020, before life began to suck. Before she said yes to things she shouldn’t have. She honestly needs to learn to say no. Simple as that. No! She has lost all but two friends. All her friends have left her. All because she asked for money. Business has been slow, and she wasn’t getting paid when she should have and needed money. But the situation was out of control, got thrown out of almost every FB group she…

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    Adelaide’ Diary: Day Two.

    Sunday Yardwork, It was Sunday morning and she woke up all well and rested. Better than the night before. She had had a long rough week and she was glad it was finally over. All she wanted to do was write and relax today. She gets dressed and heads to the kitchen. But not before seeing a basket of clothes she placed by the door to remind her to do the laundry. She picks up the basket and carries it to the laundry room. She starts the wash and folds the laundry that she left in the dryer the night before. After she’s done, she heads into the kitchen and…