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    Complain To The Moon

       COMPLAIN! I’m grown up now,20 is my age all say me an adult, even Mumma Papa agree, I drive with a certified legal license, My day starts with a cup of coffee, and lately at evenings tea is my chief, I adore my heart by aiding the poor, and help the one who don’t need anything rude, Well, I’m not an actor, nor do I work for any play, I don’t even act for the filmfare but, yet acting works, in case I go parties night late; and, even parody assist if mood weren’t gay; Yes, I’m grown up, really, I’m; But yet I don’t understand why don’t the…

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    Adelaide’ Diary: Day One

    Sunday, It’s early Sunday morning and she awakens early. It’s raining and thunder so close the window rocks. She listens for a few minutes, and wonders if she should check on the dog. She does and finds the beagle asleep in his dog bed. She smiles, happy that the dog has slept through the storm. She returns to her own bed, but not before visiting the ladies’ room. Hours later, she awakens again. This time, the rain has stopped and the sun begins peeking out. She lays in bed and asks Alexa to play some eighties pop music. She listens for a few minutes, debating whether or not she should…

  • The origin of modern Indian Poetry
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    The Origin Of Modern Indian Poetry.

    We all somehow are growing to be socially admired. And one of this influential growth in the digital world has brought us to a stage where we all love sharing poetry and relatable quotes. If it’s a Gulzar Sahab reel or it’s a Galib Shayari we share it widely on our WhatsApp status and other social media platforms justifying the crisis of our self. But have you ever questioned the origin of modern Indian poetry?    Indian poetry or to be fair let’s say the Indian literature itself has a huge history to account for. We can date back to the Vedic time for the origin of poetry. It was…