• The Nightmare forgone- Lafictioner
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    The Nightmare Forgone.

    The beginning of monsoon season with the windy weather, oh my, I never thought it would all become the fault of just slight little words. I thought so but then suddenly I woke up. I was mesmerized by the fact that it is still cold in January and I’m having a precognition of June. Oh my, I think I should write it down in the diary that I had just received, a day or two ago. It was about 03:18 am, so should I write it down or not; mmm, Nah, I should just write in that diary about how I am having dreams about the monsoon when about half…

  • He- a man of silence
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    He: A Man of Word

    “A personality is said to be a reflection of the thoughts and values we drag along our soul by the mere wind of our surroundings and bitter salting from parenting scars.”  The above definition might be read by a critic as lines from a very depressed source. However, to give you a disclaimer, I can confirm that I am a fairly sarcastic individual who is not depressed at all. It’s just my observation of the tiny universal bubble I lived in.  The fun began when this bubble burst. It was my first year of University and to be fair I opted for a school, A college that I won’t name,…