He- a man of silence
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He: A Man of Word

He- a man of silence

“A personality is said to be a reflection of the thoughts and values we drag along our soul by the mere wind of our surroundings and bitter salting from parenting scars.” 

The above definition might be read by a critic as lines from a very depressed source. However, to give you a disclaimer, I can confirm that I am a fairly sarcastic individual who is not depressed at all. It’s just my observation of the tiny universal bubble I lived in. 

The fun began when this bubble burst.

It was my first year of University and to be fair I opted for a school, A college that I won’t name, it is supposed to call itself NPGC. Nonetheless, the so deemed to be college school, had a campus smaller than the society compound of Gokuldham, carrying equally different characters from across the manga series of a well-written story, each having a beautiful side hustle and amazing backstory. 

The first sem went out, finding, reading, and framing several stories. From top scorer hometown mommy’s boy to a complete badass no fuck given girls. From tough strong persona to desi Vimal dickhead. I got several sketches to beat at my keyboard.  The sem got finished, a lot of tugs were pulled, and fast forward to the 5th sem. Also if you are wondering where the lines from the rest of the sems went, you need to look at the news buddy, happy birthday COVID-19. 

I found a great friend circle, a circle that was not supposed to be a small one but which had peers belonging to the sarcastic society of storytellers, Memers, gamers, and even a few toppers. Well, this might look like a good friend circle of 7-9 people. But this bunch created a very critical community of people with very basic and lone identities individually. At times of discussions about any political nonpolitical aspect, every one of my friend circle had a fairly beautiful comment and was not one of those socially sentimental assholes of religious lust. I enjoyed the company and more than anything else I kept forming a new thesis about my understanding of every individual. 

Some of them were ass fans, some of them were more into curves, however, they all had an opinion for almost everything. 

Now Now Now. It was not merely my observation but a bunch of us found that our group had another individual. A man, made of similar bone and flesh as us, who had been tagging along with our group from the very start of the college. 

A young lad, dark, handsome, tall, having eyes edge sharp as of a leopard, beards as if they were divorced and are growing just for the cause of growing, wearing a very basic Indian undercut hairstyle. He was almost like a ninja, not the physical part nor the Jutsu but his silence. 

A boy who had the most bizarre group of people as his friends and even has a very friendly disposition at the usual Tapri of our soda drugs and tea addiction hibernation centre, a place usually called Parag.

 He was a living definition of silence. It was very rare to find him speaking and talking about stuff. We usually make jokes about him such as “he will even moan in silence.” 

Some of you are thinking I might be being very nasty about his personality and I might not know him well, which to a point I agree.  Yet he never minded any of our jokes on him and took them as a man would take, by tossing a BSDK back at me. And this used to be the only moment we heard him speak. 

In groups, he used to become homogeneous and dissolve in the mood of peers. While being lonely he used to be as sharp as wind to find either one or two friends to stand with and still refuse to utter a word. 

He wasn’t one of those who are afraid of public or were out of words or one with a complete personality disorder of speaking to one individual. He just had a choice every time of speaking and shrinking eyes, of which he mostly chose shrinking eyes. 

Not that he had no opinion or matter of interest in the conversation but his maximum limit of conversation used to be using gestures of eyes and face alone and the rest not communicated was within the word limit of 2 words or phrases at best. 

His personality is one of its kind and it completely shattered my thesis about personalities. I still don’t know much about him but I hope the last semester of my college would at least answer my question of what he is.